10 good reasons why a CRM/Marketing Automation Platform will grow your marketing or creative agency

Marketing and Creative Agencies are busier than ever before but they still need an effective marketing outreach and sales pipeline to ensure continued growth. However, when there is always more client work than there are hours in the day, it’s difficult to know which prospects to spend your time on and it’s easy to forget to follow up with them. That’s where a great CRM/Marketing Automation Platform can help.

Here are just 10 reasons why.

1.  Business Development Resources are scarce! 

Agencies are busy with client work and so they always put their own marketing and business development work last. It means that the time they have free for their own BD activities is sporadic and inconsistent. Remembering or even having time to follow up with prospects in the pipeline may be problematic. So, spending your time wisely and following up on the prospects who are showing the strongest buying signals is key to success. Developing content and delivering it consistently is what marketing automation is all about. Marketing automation works in the background, even when you don’t have the time to. Developing good customer and prospect journeys will improve your consistency and therefore your success rate.

2.  Make sure you’re on message! 

Being sure that you are delivering the right content to the right prospects improves their engagement with your brand. Being able to personalise your content to their interests gives you an even higher engagement rate. What if you could deliver website and email content tailored specifically to a prospect’s interest? One web page or email but multiple, dynamically inserted images or words. A completely individual journey based on what you know about the prospect or organisation. The kind of behavioural data that marketing automation platforms aggregate will enable you to deliver the content that your prospects respond to, nurturing them to the point of purchase.

3. Be strategic! 

Knowing how prospects engage with your content and brand will help you to create better marketing strategy and content, improving future campaigns to improve engagement even more. Integrated tracking of website visits and email opens is mint but when you combine it with aggregated metrics then creating future marketing strategy that delivers is easy.

4. Be persistent! 

Regular outreach to prospects builds your brand and product awareness which keeps your pipeline full of potential prospects. It may take several touches before a prospect is ready to buy. By being persistent you are building your knowledge on their behaviour to bring them to the point of purchase or human intervention to close the deal.

5. Tell your story! 

Some of your clients may only be using your agency for a single project or service. Let them know what other services you offer, maybe in a regular newsletter with case histories. Using Marketing Automation for delivering information to customers as well as prospects can increase your revenue from existing clients.

6. Never miss a click!

Ever feel like you are missing out on attribution because a prospect picks up the phone rather than clicking the link or filling out a form. Now you can attribute phone calls as well with Dynamic Number Insertion and keywords and phrases for call attribution. Calls can even be recorded and added to a prospects data record. No more lost attribution, every phone call, click, visit and download is attributed to your campaign.

7. Ditch the spreadsheet! 

Using a single platform to plan and schedule email (both newsletter and nurture) and  social media, with web tracking, SMS & Call Tracking, as well as aggregating your Google Analytics and Google Ads metrics means that you don’t spend hours at the end of each month on reporting. A Marketing Automation Platform will aggregate all of your campaign data into one pot so you don’t have to pull data from a variety of different sources. Just create your report and let the system do the rest for you. Reporting is a cinch! Being able to watch a campaign’s performance in real time through multi-configurable dashboards gives you complete control like never before.

8. Spread the love! 

A marketing automation platform that offers you an agency portal for all your clients means that you can give the same kind of lead generation as a service as well. Better still if you can log onto all client accounts in one place so you don’t have to remember lots of passwords. Using marketing automation for your client accounts will create new revenue streams for your agency as well.

9. Nail your colours to the flagpole! 

A good marketing automation platform will offer you the opportunity to White label your clients’ account to your brand so you can attribute every click and conversion in a client’s campaign to your agency.  This type of software can offer amazing metrics proving your value to your client time and again. Every sales lead and report your client sees will have your brand attached. Attribution and ROI for your retainer is undeniable!

10. Seamless Business Systems!

Being able to integrate your marketing automation platform natively with a wide variety of business tools like Zoom, GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar, WordPress, WooCommerce, Microsoft and Google, SalesForce and PipeDrive and others, allows you to create a seamless Prospect and Customer journey for your agency and for your clients. And being able to integrate with 2,000 other third party applications via Zapier or Integrately gives you an infinite number of journeys to create. Not just Marketing and Sales but end to end delivery of automated business solutions makes life so much easier - both for you and for your client.

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