Using Customer Survey’s to Continue Engagement

For Businesses like Automotive Sales, there can be several years between sales to existing customers.  Things like newsletters are one way to stay in touch (If they are targeted and relevant to the user). But the value of a survey to continue engagement and the aftersales experience with customers is often overlooked.

So how happy are your customers?  Ever had a negative Trustpilot review come out of the blue?  Ever had a simple issue get blown out of all proportion before you even know about it?

Surveys are a great way to uncover customer satisfaction and resolve dissatisfaction. If you can get your survey in before they rush to Trustpilot or another online source to make a brand-damaging review then the matter can be dealt with effectively and the customer will appreciate your caring.  A quick tick box dealer specific review sent 5 to 7 days after the sale can catch negative feedback and allow you to intervene and resolve an issue before external brand damage can be done.

Of course if they are very satisfied, then based on the results of your internal survey, you can follow up with an automated request and link to leave a positive review on Trustpilot, Google etc for your business.

Further surveys can be done at extended time periods to keep your brand in their mind.  Based on the date of sale, you can also offer service and MOT reminders as well as selling extended warrantee programs if they were not taken out at the time of sale.

The same process can be used in other industries where there is an extended period between sales. For instance, Hotels, Travel, Holiday Resorts etc.