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ActiveDEMAND has launched a new and robust Content Hub or Content Engine, which empowers users to produce and distribute content via various channels like email, social media posts, and blogs.  By using our Content hubs, businesses can effectively streamline their marketing efforts, deliver the relevant engaging content and achieve their marketing goals.

Say goodbye to Copy and Paste....Write it once, Target and Automate!

Marketing automation content hubs are powerful tools that can streamline your marketing efforts and deliver valuable outcomes for users. These hubs serve as centralised platforms where you can store, manage, and distribute your marketing content in an automated and targeted manner. By leveraging marketing automation technology, you can create and deliver personalised, relevant experiences for your audience, resulting in increased engagement, conversions, and customer satisfaction.

The key components of the ActiveDEMAND Content Hub are Content Cards, which are then grouped in a Content Library.

Content Cards


Content Cards are parts of content that come with a call-to-action, and they can be effortlessly created and shared with the audience with just a few clicks.  Each Card can be styled to your branding and is an excerpt of its featured content including Title, Image, Summary and Call-To-Action.  Your content cards can be created  manually by adding the page or blog URL which are then scraped for content and images.  It literally takes a few seconds to create a Content Card. 

Alternatively, content Cards can be created automatically by subscribing to your own RSS feed.  This saves time and effort on your part in that when you create a blog post, the Card will automatically be created for use in other marketing channels.  RSS feed is an excellent method to import blog posts as soon as they have been created or pulling other organisations RSS Feed into your Content Hub or Library for curation.  For more on creating, curating, automating and distributing your Content Cards, check out our support article.

Content Cards are grouped in your Content Hub or Hubs.  Here you collate all your content where it can be grouped by relevance, subject....etc.


Content Hubs

content-hubsActiveDEMAND Content Hub is used by the content marketer to aggregate content for website visitors. The Content Hub is a collection of Content cards that are presented to visitors as a web object. The object is either embedded onto a web page with a shortcode/div or directly onto a landing page (very similar to how webforms and dynamic blocks are deployed).

The Content Hub lets the content marketer control the appearance of each Content Card, including the number of columns used to display Cards and the number of Content Cards to be displayed. It also allows for filtering of Content Cards based on categories or topics, similar to blogs. The Content Hub determines which stories can be displayed, and each Content Card has its own targeting settings to determine who can see it.


Automating Content Distribution

ActiveDEMAND enables you to automate content distribution from your library by scheduling social media posts or sending targeted emails whenever new content arrives from external sources.  When used in conjunction with our ChatGPT integration, you will be a content producing machine!

One of the primary outcomes of using marketing automation content hubs is improved efficiency. These hubs allow you to automate repetitive tasks, such as content scheduling, distribution, and tracking, saving you a bunch of time and effort. With automation, you can set up workflows that trigger specific actions based on user behaviour or segmentation, ensuring that the right content reaches the right people at the right time. This not only saves manual labour but also enables you to deliver a consistent and timely brand message across your various marketing channels.

Marketing automation content hubs also foster better collaboration and alignment within your marketing team. By centralising your content assets, workflows, and analytics, these hubs facilitate seamless collaboration, version control, and content sharing. They provide a holistic view of your marketing efforts, enabling better coordination and alignment across different teams and departments. This cohesion leads to consistent branding, improved efficiency, and a more cohesive customer experience.


If you don't have an ActiveDEMAND account you can:-

Explore the potential of marketing automation content hubs to transform your marketing efforts. These centralised platforms streamline processes, enhance personalisation, and enable data-driven decision-making. By automating tasks, you can save time and deliver consistent, targeted content to the right audience at the right time. Benefit from improved efficiency, increased engagement, and higher conversions. Foster collaboration and alignment within your team, ensuring a cohesive customer experience. Take your marketing to the next level with marketing automation content hubs. Get started today and revolutionise your strategies for success.

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