ActiveDEMAND UK Training Services

Are you looking to accelerate your ActiveDEMAND adoption? We have experienced ActiveDEMAND experts on staff to help you get your team onboard quickly.  Admins, Marketers and Salespeople....even the boss!






All our training sessions will be live, instructor lead and presented remotely by Zoom, Google Meet or GoToMeeting.

Where possible, we will use your real marketing assets for examples to leave the session with real-world results.

Sessions may be recorded with participants consent and later sent to each training delegate.


Each lesson is typically 1-hour long unless indicated otherwise


B0 - Account Basics

Recommended for: Marketers and Admins

An initial course for Admins or Marketers who will need to set the system up or work with other disciplines in the set up.

  • DNS Settings - CNAME and SPF Records

  • Creating account logins for employees and permissions.

  • Sales & Marketing Lead distributions lists

  • Marketing Lists or Importing Contacts

  • Setting Up Branding and Styles

  • Setting up your database with custom fields for Contacts & Organisations


B1 - Creating Newsletter or Timed Campaigns

Recommended for: Marketers

This course is intended for Marketers who will be producing email campaigns and is a good starting point for those who need to understand how to create, style, edit and manage a newsletter type communications.

  • Newsletter Basics
  • Email/Template styling & branding
  • Adding & editing images
  • Adding Calls-to-Action
  • Creating & setting campaign goals
  • Email deliverability testing
  • Adding a campaign audience
  • Email campaign reporting & dashboards


B2 - Creating Drip/Trigger Campaigns

Recommended for: Marketers

This builds on B1 Newsletter Campaigns to allow you to build detailed drip campaigns with; triggers,decisions, waits and actions.  A must for anyone who wants to nurture their prospects with automation.


  • Drip Campaign Basics

  • Choosing a campaign trigger

  • Adding waits

  • Adding decisions/filters

  • Campaign Goals

  • Campaign Assets

  • Deliverability testing

  • Activation

  • Reporting


B3 - Creating Landing Pages & Forms (90 Minutes)

Recommended for: Marketers

This course deals with creating landing pages with forms to inform prospects and to capture their interest using our form builder.  We will also cover autorespinders, Sales Leads and A/B testing.


  • Creating Landing Pages with Forms

  • Landing page styling and branding

  • Page properties

  • Adding Forms and form elements

  • Autoresponders

  • Form acknowledgement 

  • Form Properties

  • Adding Web Forms to your website

  • A/B Testing


B4 - Contact Organisation  Segmentation

Recommended for: Marketers and/or Admins

By creating segments of contacts or their organisations, the true power of automation can be unleashed.  Essential for Admins or Marketers who will plan for growth of the system and its use.


  • Segmentation Basics

  • Behavioural Segmentation

  • Custom Fields

  • Contact Tags

  • Creating and using audience segments

  • Creating Contact Lists- Static and Dynamic


B5 - Creating Popups and Dynamic Content

Recommended for: Marketers

Love or hate them, popups can help engagement.  Dynamic content allows content to be very specifically targeted to contacts or organisations. 


  • Creating and deploying Pop-ups

    • Styling/branding

    • Call-to-Action

    • Animation

    • Targeting

  • Adding Dynamic Content

    • Webpages

    • Emails


B6 - Dashboards and Reporting

Recommended for: Marketers and/or Admins

We all need to report marketing results to someone.  This course covers the basics of Dashboard creation and sharing as well as more formal reporting by email or PDF files using automation.


  • Creating personal dashboards

  • Creating Custom Report Widgets

  • Sharing Dashboards within your account

  • Sharing Dashboards externally

  • Accessing Reporting

  • Email Reporting

  • Creating Report Templates

  • Creating Campaign Reports

  • Adding Google Sheets data

  • Scheduling Reports


B7 - CRM Setup and Integration

Recommended for: Marketers and/or Admins

If you are connecting to one of our external CRM integrations or using the ActiveDEMAND internal CRM this course will give you the important setup basics and custom options to bring your Marketing and Sales together.


  • Creating Pipelines

  • Creating Pipeline Stages

  • Importing Contacts (From CSV or supported Webhook from existing CRM)

  • Data mapping (For use with external CRM's)

  • Creating Custom Deal Fields

  • Accessing Reporting

  • Creating Sales & Marketing Dashboards
  • Using the CRM
  • Automation


Want to be Certified in Marketing Automation and Impress Your Friends?

Then Enrol in ActiveDEMAND Academy

An online self-paced, learning management system:

  • Basic, Intermediate & Advanced Levels
  • Approximately 20 Hours of assessed training
  • Certificate upon Graduation

Other Services Offered

Our client success team are ActiveDEMAND UK experts and can help you with all of your ActiveDEMAND service needs from email template builds to CRM integration to full campaigns.

Alternatively take a look at our ActiveDEMAND Consulting page.

**The cost of these services is dependent on the scope of work and will require an assessment by a client success representative.**

CRM Integration


Get access to all of your data fast when you integrate your external CRM.

  • Field mappings
  • Post to CRM action(s)
  • Integration test
  • Creating custom fields


Campaign Builds


Have a campaign you need to be done but you are short on resources?

  • Identifying and setting goals for the campaign
  • Building campaign workflow
  • Adding email templates to the campaign
  • Adding SMS messages to the campaign
  • Call Tracking setup required


Email Template Builds


Set up an email template with your company’s brand.

  • Image placeholders
  • Content placeholders
  • Email links
  • Configuring email header information (subject line, preview text, etc.)


Landing Page Template Builds


Create a landing page with your branding front and centre.

  • Header information
  • Footer information
  • Social media content block
  • Brand location content block
  • Website content block
  • Image placeholders
  • Content placeholders

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B0-ActiveDEMAND BasicsB1-Creating Newsletter or Timed CampaignsB2-Creating Drip/Trigger Campaigns
B3-Creating Landing Pages FormsB4-Contact Organisation SegmentationB6-Creating Popups and Dynamic Content
B6-Dashboards ReportingB7-CRM Setup Integration

UK Based Support from Agency Professionals

Lead Intuition are the UK reseller of ActiveDEMAND CRM, Marketing and Sales automation platforms. Our team is dedicated to helping Marketing Agencies design and deploy CRM, along with Marketing and Sales Automation – for themselves and for their clients. We deliver solutions that scale and evolve with your business – giving you lasting value.

Working closely with you throughout the planning and implementation stages, we also train teams, helping them define new processes. Our Consultancy Services can be a valuable source of help for design and deployment of sales funnels. The Lead Intuition Team are a valuable resource to our agency clients. We can design, execute and report on campaigns when you don't have the bandwidth to do it yourself. 



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