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Responsive Realtime Engagement

Real-time customer engagement using chat or chatbots on a website brings several advantages that can significantly enhance your overall customer experience and benefit both the sales and marketing processes.

ActiveDEMAND's live Chat feature can be deployed on your website in just a few minutes. 


You can also incorporate chatbot scripts to control the messaging and conversations or go full AI.  The choice is yours.

Combining all ActiveDEMAND advanced features allows you to have a full Virtual Assistant working for you 24/7.

Deploy the web chat widget on your website to engage with visitors 


Deployment of the Chat widget is simple.  The branding is set for you in our Brand area.  Just select which side of the screen you want the Chat widget to appear + add a chat avatar, and you're in the chat business.

ActiveDEMAND's chat feature lets you monitor visitors in real-time. You can initiate chats or await enquiries. ChatGPT AI integration lets customers get 24/7 answers. Interactions are recorded and stored in ActiveDEMAND's history.

Manage all your messages in one place


Live operators can manage all their conversations in ActiveDEMAND’s Conversation Inbox. In a simple dashboard, engage directly with your contacts via the web chat or follow up with personalised messaging with SMS or email.  Alternatively, you can deploy chat automation:-

Automate conversations with a scripted chat bot

Automate with the integration of ChatGPT and AI



 With either of these options, you have the ability to automate your chat and have 24/7 availability. Just like all ActiveDEMAND communications, you can access first-person data including the full customer profile, activity history, and more.  A fully connected,  responsive, customer-centric approach to communication.

Automate with Scripted Guided Workflows

Using our familiar workflow builder + form actions, you can script messaging to guide prospects to the information they want in a way you have approved.  Great for quality where controlling the message is important.


A series of options are presented to the chat recipient to make a selection and their response guides them down a preset path.  All the while we are gathering profile and behavioural data to match them to ideal customer profiles.


Segmentation can be achieved by direct questions such as "Are you looking to buy or rent? ",  "What amenities are important to you? "  The golden rule is don't be too greedy trying to get information in a single chat session.

Typically we can get people to the information they want in 3 or 4 clicks. 

If we don't know who they are, we will prompt them for contact information at the appropriate time.

If you are new to chat, then Scripted is likely the safest way to start your use of Chat and Chatbots.


Add The Power of AI to your Chat


Add the power of AI automation infused into your web chat – it’s like having a friendly, knowledgeable team member available around the clock,.  We integrate with ChatGPT which means your customer inquiries are not only handled promptly, but they’re also meticulously logged in a detailed history timeline. 

This historical data can be leveraged to kick-start personalised marketing automation workflows. By aligning with your customer’s interests, these automated processes reach out with the right message at the right time, making every interaction feel tailored and personal. It’s a more engaging, personalised customer experience that blends the best of technology with a human touch.

Post your chat events to GA4 automatically

Having a webchat tool that posts to Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is like having an assistant who communicates with your customers and analyses their behaviour. It centralises your data, giving you a unified view of your website interactions. Not only can you see what’s sparking customer queries, but you can also tailor your content and customer service to better match your customers’ interests. Plus, these insights fuel smarter marketing campaigns. Simply put, the ability to post web chat events to GA4 makes data analysis streamlined, offering you valuable insights for more effective decision-making.

To start using Web Chat in ActiveDEMAND today, check out our support articles on the set up & use of our Web Chat feature


Of course, if you would like to Chat with us, just go for it 💬

In the day time its humans, after hours it could be the bot 🤖


If you don't have an ActiveDEMAND account you can:-

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