Agency Attribution = Client Retention

Now, more than ever before, it’s important to show clients the revenue that your campaigns have leveraged for them, not just Ad clicks and conversions but sales attribution too. Being able to see the real-time results of your campaign provides you with the reassurance that the goals you agreed with your client are being met. 

And being able to re-align along the way if the campaign’s not meeting your goals is Gold! You can do this by laboriously pulling data from multiple channel platforms into spreadsheets on a regular basis but this may may take you a while.  Or, if you are deploying a marketing automation platform like ActiveDEMAND, you can to see all the key metrics of your multi-channel campaigns in one place – on one dashboard and in real time. 

What about the others in your team? Maybe the metrics they need to see are different from yours. What if they need a different sort dashboard? Wouldn’t multiple team dashboards make it simple to produce and amend strategy for PPC, Social and retargeting – hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and all based on hard data. 

But then what if you could give a client’s sales team their own dashboards as well? Enabling them to see the web browsing history of their sales prospects prior to engaging with them? Delivering quality leads for them to make warm sales calls. And wouldn’t it be great for your agency to take the credit for supplying them with a constant feed of these sales leads, white-labelled to your brand – even while they sleep?

And, of course, the data your campaigns collect along the way will provide improved planning and strategy for intuitive and effective future campaigns.

And if you could add in the final stage in the ‘trail of breadcrumbs’ by integrating the client’s CRM then how amazing would that be? So, you’re no longer attributing ‘notional’ sales but now attributing actual revenue. Now that’s neat. True Evidence Based Marketing. Joining up the marketing and sales teams and aligning them both to a single goal – increased revenue. Your clients will be retained because the results of your campaigns are undeniable and ActiveDEMAND comes at a price that keeps even the most budget conscious clients’ happy. 

Win-Win - Happy client, happy agency.

Utopia? Not at all. This is what you can expect when you use a tried and trusted campaign management and marketing automation platform like ActiveDEMAND.

Download our guide ‘How to adopt Marketing Automation as an agency’ and see how you could start benefiting from these amazing new tools , then schedule a call with us at Lead Intuition.

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