Agency Attribution for Client Retention While Working From Home

Up-to-the-minute metrics, including attribution, are nirvana to digital marketers. But many of us had not truly thought how it would be possible to access data when our teams started to work from home, instead of the office.

Back in March 2020, when we all scrambled to work from home, we thought about the obvious requirements for remote working. We made investments in upgraded laptops, larger monitors with better resolution and headphones with microphones for virtual meetings. We did such a good job of creating home-work spaces that most retailers ran out of the Tech we wanted to purchase and, since the whole manufacturing world began to stop working as well, some still haven’t managed to re-stock to pre-COVID levels, even now.

But the one thing many businesses weren’t prepared for was how to manage client relationships, purchase journeys and campaigns with a seamless strategy, allowing people access to the data they needed while working remotely. After all, at the moment you can’t just pop down the corridor and ask for the latest stats, then pick up a coffee on the way back from getting them. And even though the general advice is to return to working in the office, many people still want to stay working from home most of the time. This will arguably be the case for some time to come.

This scenario also affected digital marketing agencies who frequently employ many specialists using a wide variety of different platforms to carry out individual campaign components. And without up-to-the-minute metrics, then producing an effective, results-based strategy is really difficult. Sometimes, in order to have the latest campaign data, you might need to phone three or four different colleagues and then wait for emails to arrive before being able to analyse the metrics. In short, being remote makes it difficult to see the bigger picture.


joined up digital marketing Even worse, it’s often the most time-consuming thing in the world to pull intelligent campaign metrics into client reports to prove ROI at the end of the month. Manually populating spreadsheets and cut and paste graphs is time consuming and a drain on resource at a time when resources are short. And let’s face it, proving ROI improves client retention and that’s essential at the moment.  

So how can you do joined-up digital marketing and get access to up-to-the-minute metrics whilst your team are working remotely. That’s where a cloud-based marketing automation platform with integrations to the world’s leading Social Media and digital advertising tools comes in.

A good quality Marketing Automation Platform like ActiveDEMAND will overcome all of these problems and it doesn’t cost a fortune. Additionally, digital marketers can benefit from its many features, some of which may be great new services to offer clients. And with a FREE white labelled agency portal to bring all your client accounts together, it can lead to a variety of new revenue streams.

Custom displays and dashboards First, let’s look at the up-to-the-minute metrics it offers. ActiveDEMAND gives you the ability to integrate Google Analytics and Google Ads, Social Media, email campaigns and a variety of re-targeting platforms. The campaign data it collects can be displayed on multi-configurable dashboards so the whole team can see up-to-the-minute metrics. You can even display ActiveDEMAND’s metrics alongside Google Analytics metrics on the same dashboard. Google’s quantity and ActiveDEMAND’s quality - all in one place.

This gives you the ability to see what’s working and change what isn’t - immediately. Dashboards are configured from an extensive menu of widgets, using a simple drag-and-drop action. Once the dashboard is configured, data is automatically pulled in, with no need for coding. You can have a variety of different dashboard views set up based on the data and metrics you require. Your PPC or re-targeting specialist works on their campaign in the usual way and the Account Manager can see the results in real-time. Win Win !

adaptable for all devices Next, let’s look at the time you spend on reporting. With ActiveDEMAND’s Agency Package, reports and dashboards are white labelled to your own brand, meaning that reports and notifications sent to your client reinforce your worth to them. Additionally, reports are set up as your campaign is set up so no more hours of work at the end of each month trying to attribute results. It’s all done for you and with content and data based on your campaign or your client’s requirements. Easy!

Just like the dashboards, reports are created from a branded template with drag-and-drop widgets that populate the campaign data and the frequency of report production is set by you – daily, weekly, monthly, whatever suits your client’s needs.

ActiveDEMAND is sold and supported in the UK by Lead Intuition Ltd. It’s cloud-based, available on a monthly subscription, and comes with a lifelong support & training promise. Why not schedule a demo with a marketing automation expert and find out how you can become attribution masters too.

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