Accelerate your agency's growth.

ActiveDEMAND Agency Marketing Software, supported and sold in the UK by Lead Intuition, is an integrated marketing automation platform designed for agencies.

It gives digital agencies a competitive advantage by helping to deliver and DEMONSTRATE the real value they provide to their clients.  Included is full white labelling for your agency and an agency portal to access all your client accounts from a single login.



One Marketing Portal. One Tool set. One Brand:Yours!

white-labelling-to your-agency

A single marketing portal to manage all of your clients and all of their campaigns. Imagine providing real white-labelled marketing dashboards for all of your clients. Imagine using a product that drives your brand, not ours. Imagine one marketing portal with ALL of your marketing tools!
Yes, this is a reality. ActiveDEMAND’s Marketing Agency Portal is all of this and more! 

Integrated White Labeled Marketing Automation Digital Agency Marketing Reporting Software included. No more wasted hours at the end of each month extracting data from multiple platforms in order to justify campaign spend and quantify leads. Simply decide what type of metrics you or your client requires and then drag and drop the appropriate widget to populate the data automatically. Set the report to run at a time that suits you and your client - job done! 

Provide Evidence Based Marketing

Campaigns for your Clients



Execute Powerful Campaigns

You get a full box of online marketing tools all in one place. Execute professional campaigns all from a single application with a powerful integrated marketing platform.


Manage Multiple Clients

Create unlimited accounts within ActiveDEMAND to manage each of your clients' marketing initiatives. Customise each account with your client’s brand.


Deliver Client Results

ActiveDEMAND tracks the performance of your campaigns… not just traffic data but prospect conversions and leads as well. Show your clients the value that you deliver for them.


White-labelling Included

Keep your agency’s brand front and center with clients. ActiveDEMAND can be white-labelled so all communication to your client has your look and feel. You get the credit and have complete control.

Execute Services Faster and Easier


Landing Pages



ActiveDEMANDs Cloud Based Agency Marketing Software comes with built-in templates that enable you to simplify your marketing stack - allowing you to spend more time on delivering creative campaigns and demonstrating results with less time on spent on lead attribution.


Call Tracking Software

With ActiveDEMAND, you can easily add call tracking numbers to any online or offline campaign and website. Measure the true performance of a campaign and report it to your clients. You can even generate a sales lead with automated key word analysis.


Email Marketing

ActiveDEMAND’s email marketing capabilities help you deliver marketing communication initiatives for your clients. Easily segment lists and create personalised messages for maximum results


Automated Reporting

Are you spending valuable time and resources building graphs and ”Screenshot-Copy-Paste” every day or month? We include automated, consolidated reporting that brings all of your client data into a branded reporting system!


Landing Page Software

Landing pages are key to online campaign conversions. Drive new contacts and leads for your clients with built-in landing pages. Easily drop-in forms and customise them to collect the exact information your client needs.

Expand and Grow

ActiveDEMAND from Lead Intuition is a scalable solution. Both small and large agencies appreciate the flexibility to accommodate each of their clients and easily scale as business grows.


Optimised Cross-Channel Execution

If you’re managing multiple applications to execute campaigns, you’ll appreciate ActiveDEMAND for its ability to create, manage and execute campaigns using multiple channels. Do away with multiple applications and use just one - the ActiveDEMAND integrated marketing platform.

Designed to Grow With You

With ActiveDEMAND's white-labelled marketing automation you automatically get access to all features of the integrated marketing platform. Don’t be fooled by ActiveDEMAND’s ease of use. Agencies will appreciate many of the advanced features, including AB split testing, custom responsive landing page builder, advanced workflows and more.

Increase Opportunities for Client Retainers

ActiveDEMANDs white labelled marketing automation helps create strategic relationships with your clients. It integrates seamlessly and easily into client websites to collect contact activity and history which is used to turn website visitors into sales ready leads. Joining sales and marketing into a single team - each with it's own configured dashboard and login.


ActiveDEMAND includes email & landing pages that automatically inherit the brand you set-up for your clients. Quickly & easily create professional looking online assets.

Nurture Campaigns

Set-up nurture campaigns and let ActiveDEMAND automatically market to your client’s contacts based on their interests. It’s all done with an easy drag-and-drop interface.

Lead Scoring

For your clients with longer sales cycles or more complex sales, the built-in ActiveDEMAND lead scoring enables you to define what constitutes a lead. Leads are then automatically delivered to your client with your branding.

Deliver Sales-Ready Leads

Do more than just deliver a monthly report to your clients. Keep you and your brand in front of them all month long. ActiveDEMAND sends out lead notifications in real-time with your name on them.

All Backed Up with Support When You Need It

ActiveDEMAND UK Support  

Lead Intuition offers UK based Integration, Consulting, Training and Support for ActiveDEMANDs awesome marketing platform.  Hands on support when you need it and telephone, online page and video tutorials to get you started - all there to help you maximise your marketing impact.


Get the credit your agency deserves


Once you start using ActiveDEMAND to help manage your client’s marketing initiatives, your clients won’t think of looking for another agency. ActiveDEMAND ensures you stand out from the competition.

Prove Your Results

ActiveDEMAND makes marketing agencies look good. The automatic capture of campaign performance metrics enables you to demonstrate to your clients the impact you have on their business.

Deliver Leads

ActiveDEMAND is an integrated marketing platform which means it is able to track and monitor contacts. When client contacts become sales ready, leads are automatically sent to clients on your behalf

Agency Level Reporting

Preparing traditional monthly client reports is time consuming. But not with ActiveDEMAND. Use the built-in drag-and-drop widgets to create report templates once and then use them on a regular basis,

Full Funnel Engagement

Agencies that help clients with customer retention will appreciate ActiveDEMAND’s ability to market to existing customers. Keep your client’s brand top-of-mind throughout the buying journey

Awesome Integrations

Take control of all your digital marketing

ActiveDEMAND's capabilities make it the most versatile integrated marketing platform available today.  It enables you to take control of all your marketing channels and integrate them as a system, not juggling multiple packages.   Campaign building, data tracking, reporting, dashboards or brand management, our powerful customisation options allow you the flexibility to create and execute the campaigns.  We integrate with most major tools out there too: Wordpress, CRM's and eCommerce.  Contact us for a full integration list.

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