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Automatically Engage With Your Contacts

Easily configured and personalised with your brand, ActiveDEMAND Autoresponders streamline your marketing efforts by automatically following up with prospects – building relationships, saving you time, and growing your business. No knowledge of HTML or CSS code necessary! Talk to Lead Intuition about a demonstration of ActiveDEMAND's capabilities today!

Follow-up Flawlessly

Never miss another prospect’s inquiry. The autoresponder templates in ActiveDEMAND can be easily configured to be sent instantly as soon as a trigger occurs, or, if you prefer, add a delay to the email and send it later. ActiveDEMAND is very versatile so you can do what you need to.

Enable Continuous Marketing

Make your campaigns do the work for you. Easily automate all your campaigns to market continuously to your prospects. Schedule a series of ActiveDEMAND Autoresponders to be sent to prospects over days, weeks or months to keep your brand and company top of mind.

Track Success

With ActiveDEMAND Autoresponders, see in real-time who Opens, Clicks, and Converts and know instantly which campaigns are providing results. Or dive deeper into reporting to get the specific metrics important to your company. Shorten follow-up time on leads by automatically notifying sales when a certain activity occurs



With ActiveDEMAND Email Autoresponders it’s easy to keep connected to all your prospects.

Our email autorespnder software includes wizards to make setting up an email Autoresponder effortless. Knowledge of programming or web design is not necessary. Choose your template. Make changes to the text and design with our easy-to-use editor. Schedule the send date, and you are done.

You can make your campaigns as simple as a single email. Or segment your contact lists and have your ActiveDEMAND autoresponder's reply be based on the action of your prospect with multiple follow-up autoresponders. Create a nurture/drip campaign and deliver coupons, special offers and promotions.

Automate your marketing and follow up seamlessly with every prospect – saving you time and resources.

All Backed Up with UK Based Support When You Need It

UK Based Support and  Service

Lead Intuition offers UK based Integration, Consulting Training and Support for ActiveDEMAND's awesome marketing platform.  Hands-on support when you need it and telephone, online page and video tutorials to get you started - all there to help you maximise your marketing impact

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