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Behavioural segmentation is the act of dividing a group of people based upon their behaviour or interaction with your brand, product or service.  So in a marketing context, for a simple example, people are grouped based on what they do; web pages they look at, assets they download and so on.  We can then personalise their experience by adapting our assets using targeting tools such as dynamic content, to meet their information needs.

Accelerate your buyer journeys using Behavioural Segmentation

As marketers know, clear call-to-actions are an important ingredient of any website. Sold and supported in the UK by Lead Intuition, ActiveDEMAND’s behavioural segmentation software can use the data collected and stored within our marketing automation system on a prospect to automatically adapt the web visitor experience. Unlike static marketing segmentation strategies that use geographical or demographic criteria for categorising prospects, ActiveDEMAND enables the marketer to personalise and adapt the marketing assets and online ads based on the behaviours and actions of individuals. When you use ActiveDEMAND real-time behavioural segmentation software you’ll get the right content to the right person each time, every time.

Buyer Journey Automation

Using ActiveDEMAND’s behavioural segmentation ensures that every prospect is served the right content at the right time. Call-to-actions, emails, and all web content is dynamically personalised. Personalisation gets a person’s attention and that’s good for conversions.

You Are In Control

As marketers it can become frustrating making alterations to websites. Having to consult the IT department for simple changes is a waste of your time and theirs. With ActiveDEMAND you have complete control over all your Dynamic Website Content so you can make changes quickly.

The Audience of One: Adapt Marketing Profiles Automatically

ActiveDEMAND enables marketers to create dynamic buyer profiles based upon their behavioural interests. Customise each asset for a specific interest and let ActiveDEMAND take care of the rest. Your prospects will get to what they are looking for faster and thus come to a buying decision easier!

Automated Behavioural Segmentation Software for Re-targeting Advertising

Stop bothering your prospects, or even worse, your clients with poorly executed re-targeted ads? Use automated behavioural segmentation to serve journey stage specific ads! Take control of your ads with automated behavioural segmentation. With ActiveDEMAND you can adapt the ad audience to the buyer signals and state changes in the buyer journey!




Dynamically Adapt Landing Pages!

You can have your landing pages and website adapt dynamically to the behavioural segment of the visitor … anything that ActiveDEMAND has collected on the prospect historically determines the content rendered! Each visitor gets a customised personal experience! In the example below, the landing pages are dynamically adjusting to what the visitor has searched for before the ad click.


Dynamically Optimising Landing Pages For


Behavioural Segmentation Software Custom Audiences

Automated Facebook
Custom Audiences

Now you can automate the engagement with Facebook advertising.


Facebook custom audience

Automated Google AdWords
Customer Match Audiences

Automate the process of pushing your customer audience to Google for retargetting. No more uploading CSV files!!

Google Adwords customer match

Automated AdRoll
Custom Audiences

Stop advertising to people who purchased. Drive stage based messaging automatically!


Adroll Custom audience

Support When You Need It

UK Based Support and  Service

Lead Intuition offers UK based Integration, Consulting, Training and Support for ActiveDEMAND's awesome marketing platform.  Hands on support when you need it and telephone, online page and video tutorials to get you started - all there to help you maximise your marketing impact

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