FunnelFLARE is NOW in the UK!

We are delighted to say we are now official UK reseller and support partner for FunnelFLARE, a leading sales engagement platform that takes your sales team to the next level.

Sales Enablement the Modern Way


If you are looking to automate sales or business development activity, then FunnelFLARE could be for you.

Integrating with the worlds leading CRM's, FunnelFLARE extends their functionality to enable Account Managers, SDR's even Customer Success teams to crush their goals while delivering excellent and consistent customer experience.


Save valuable time and achieve more goals with these key features

Phone Calls and Text Messaging


 FunnelFLARE will automatically record, transcribe and log your calls directly into your CRM. Automated voicemail drops and post call follow up emails will empower your sales.


Email & Task Automation


Spending a significant amount of time writing and sending emails between calls?  FunnelFLARE takes care of the admin between calls and helps maintain consistent messaging!

Appointment Scheduling


Stop playing calendar tag with your clients. FunnelFLARE’s appointment scheduler is online 24/7 for customers to book a meeting at a mutually convenient time/date.

Engagement  Tracking


See when your clients are on your website and even tell if they are on there now!  Are they engaging with your emails. Now you can see it in real time!

For more Information, Check out our main FunnelFLARE Pages


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