Track Your Hot Leads with Call Tracking


Leverage automated call tracking features

Whats making your phone Ring - See exactly which ads, keywords, web pages and campaigns are making the phone ring. Track phones calls from any channel; PPC, search, SEO, social media, email, display, ad media and even offline advertising.

ActiveDEMAND Call Tracking software empowers businesses to manage multiple call tracking campaigns from one account. Don’t just track incoming phone calls, the integrated ActiveDEMAND Call Tracking helps you get your phones ringing.  

Register a UK local, mobile or 0800 tracking number within a few clicks of a mouse. In less than a couple of minutes you can set up a tracked number for your next online or offline campaign.


📞 Dynamic number insertion


Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) enables you to connect incoming phone calls to the website session that started it. Now you’ll know whether it was a PPC ad, Facebook post, or SEO that made the phone ring. You will also see what pages they browsed before the call. 

💬 Whisper messages

Whisper messages are played when a configured number is called. You can use a “whisper” message to let your reception, sales person, support or other staff member know what campaign the phone call is associated with. 

⤵️ Smart call redirection

 ActiveDEMAND works great with sales teams. Redirect calls based on time, campaign or where the prospect is calling from to specific sales people, first to pick up or a round robin pool – you choose. 

🤖 Automated (robo) calling

Make sure a prospect remembers an upcoming meeting by automatically sending a friendly reminder call. Or when promoting an event, use a phone call reminder to increase attendance.


The tools to get the REAL information from your call tracking data

While some call tracking packages may provide data, ActiveDEMAND CallForensics™ also provides the tools you need to review that data and deliver you the REAL information you need. CallForensics™ provides answers to questions like:

  • How many inbound calls are REALLY sales leads?
  • How can you provide tracking numbers to your most promising prospects?
  • Are you paying too much in DNI pool costs?
  • Are your sales calls and conversations truly effective?

Call Context


While the call is being connected, ActiveDEMAND emails the details of the website visit to your sales staff! They can see all of the places the prospect visited and establish the full context of the call before the sales person begins talking. ActiveDEMAND automatically associates all website session information with a person before they place a phone call.

Call Recording


Automatically record phone calls so that marketing can gain insights into whether they’re generating good quality calls, and what prospects are explicitly interested in. Call recording really helps increase sales accountability to marketing and vice versa.

Call Transcription


ActiveDEMAND provides text transcription of each call. Transcriptions are quick to skim through. If you prefer that your calls are transcribed, ActiveDEMAND can automatically transcribe recordings that you can filter by and take action on.

Keyword Tracking


CallForensics™ enables you to automatically monitor all transcribed telephone conversations, inbound and outbound. Score leads based on key words or phrases mentioned in the call. Trigger notifications, modify reports or initiate marketing automation campaigns based on keywords.

Support When You Need It

UK Based Support and  Service

Lead Intuition offers UK based Implementation, Consulting, Training and Support for ActiveDEMAND's awesome marketing platform.  Hands on support when you need it and telephone, online page and video tutorials to get you started - all there to help you maximise your marketing impact


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