Do your salespeople have a problem with cold calling?  They’re fine with showroom walk-ins and prospects calling them for information or an appointment, but the act of picking up a phone and dialing a call-list or even calling old prospects or customers they simply can’t or won’t do.  Well, you’re not alone.  We hear this from more than 50% of Auto Dealer Management teams we talk to.

All the goals, reviews, training and incentives cannot overcome the barrier that they have in their head.  Very few of us are actually good at cold calling, even fewer enjoy it. However, while your sales team are potentially losing out on personal commissions by not making those calls, they’re also losing you money in the valuable customer lifecycle spending that all starts with the new vehicle purchase.

So, what if their call list was not full of cold or recycled prospects.  What if the list was customers who the salesperson knew had been on your website more than once this week or even downloaded a brochure only a few minutes ago?  That’s no longer a cold call.  Not if they know the customer’s name, what they looked at, the particular model of interest, finance offers and so on.

At Lead Intuition, we uncover the anonymity of the people visiting your website, by name and contact details.  That’s just the start.  We can even nurture prospects automatically 24/7 to a point at which they are sales-ready, book a test drive or appointment online. Or your team makes that warm call, armed with the complete knowledge of your prospect’s interaction with your brand.

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