Create Relationships Between Contacts


Create relationships between contacts and then have the ability to send customised marketing to each contact by name,  mentioning and respecting their relationship.

Great for senior living, dental and optometrists practices or when dealing with parent/child messaging.


Related Contacts

This cool feature to ActiveDEMAND will help Senior Living facilities, family-service providers like dentists and optometrists, debt collectors, and other businesses that use contact relationships in their communications.

Relationship types can be customised, added to contacts, and you can choose to contact a specified relative of your contact rather than the contact inside the workflow.


Examples of what contact relationships can do

Rather than talking about the technical implementation of how it works, it might help to show what it can do ...



Telling the parent that it’s time to book a dental inspection for their child.

In this case, the child is the contact, but the parent is the person we need to book the next dentist appointment. So, we’d want to have a “parent” (or more personal "mother" or "father") relationship to the "child"or "son" contact that we’d email on a periodic basis to let them know that their child (By name) is due for a routine inspection.


Handling Senior Living Resident vs Child

In the senior living industry, it’s typical that resident seniors and their children are both stakeholders in choosing a new facility and after continuing after facility selection. Some types of communication are best for the resident, while others are meant for the children of the resident. Using ActiveDEMAND’s relationship model makes it easy to reference both the names and their relationship and use these correctly in communications with the right person.

“Hi, Sue,

Next month, we’ll be doing the Tango on Thursday nights at 5:00 pm. If your mother Gladys would like to attend, she’ll  just have to fill out this waiver.”


Debt Collection on Behalf of a Company

For some debt collection agencies that collect on behalf of clients, being able to see that relationship and refer to it is important. In emails to debtors, you’re able to dynamically refer to both the relationship AND the name of the person on that relationship.

Ie: “Hi Jim, payment for your August 31st invoice to Bob’s BBQs is now overdue.”


To start using relationships in ActiveDEMAND today, check out our support article on configuring relationships.


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