Unlocking the Power of Content Hubs for Effective Marketing

Create and deliver content to your target channels.  Attribute success and revenue without effort!


Powerful and effective digital marketing means delivering engaging and relevant content to your audience on a continuous stream.  To achieve this, the need for a centralised, efficient, and automated platform has never been greater. That's where ActiveDEMAND's Content Hub steps in.  

Sold and supported in the UK by Lead Intuition, it revolutionises the way you create, manage, distribute – and attribute the results of your content across multiple channels.

ActiveDEMAND's Content Hub is a game-changer, equipping businesses with the capability to create and distribute content across a range of channels, including email, social media, and blogs. This robust Content Hub is engineered to streamline the delivery of your marketing strategy, ensuring the right content reaches the right audience at the right time. It's time to say goodbye to manual copying and pasting, and reliance on intuition for engagement. With the Content Hub, you can craft, target, automate, and attribute your content with pinpoint precision.

  Content Cards: The Cornerstones of Content Hubs

content-cardsAt the core of ActiveDEMAND's Content Hub lies the Content Cards. These are not just content fragments; they are your gateway to engaging your audience effectively. Each Content Card serves as a compact showcase for your content, featuring a title, image, summary, and a compelling call-to-action. The best part? Crafting Content Cards is a breeze.


You can manually create Content Cards by simply adding the page or blog URL. The system automatically extracts the content and images, yielding a ready-to-use Content Card in a matter of seconds. Alternatively, you can opt for automatic Content Card generation by subscribing to your RSS feed. This time-saving feature guarantees that every new blog post automatically triggers the creation of a Content Card for use across various marketing channels.


With your Content Cards neatly organised within your Content Hub, you have the freedom to categorise and group them based on relevance, subject, target audience or any other criteria aligned with your marketing objectives.


The Influence of Content Hubs

The ActiveDEMAND Content Hub serves as the nucleus of your content marketing operations. It's the place where you consolidate and structure your content for the consumption of your website visitors.



These Content Cards are presented to your audience as web components, seamlessly integrated into web pages or landing pages. Just like web forms and dynamic elements, the Content Hub affords you the flexibility to customise the appearance and layout of your Content Cards.


The Content Hub empowers you to dictate the number of columns used to display the Cards and how many Cards are visible. You can also employ filters to sort Content Cards based on categories or topics, much like managing blogs. The Content Hub guarantees that the right content is served to the right audience, and each Content Card can possess its own targeting settings to determine its audience.



Streamlining Content Distribution for Enhanced Efficiency

One of the primary advantages of employing marketing automation content hubs such as ActiveDEMAND is the substantial enhancement in efficiency. These hubs automate repetitive tasks like content scheduling, distribution, and tracking. By automating these processes, you save time and effort, allowing you to concentrate on the more strategic facets of your marketing.

Through automation, you can establish workflows that trigger specific actions based on user segmentation. This ensures your content reaches the right individuals at the right time, delivering a consistent brand message across multiple marketing channels. Furthermore, it promotes improved collaboration and alignment within your marketing team by centralising your content assets and analytics, making it easier for different teams to collaborate seamlessly.


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Understanding the Impact of Your Content

With ActiveDEMAND’s Content Hub the real worth of your marketing content transcends conventional click metrics. It's about understanding how your content influences your audience and drives tangible business outcomes. With ActiveDEMAND's Content Cards, Hubs, and Reporting, you can gain profound insights into the impact of your content.


content-card-reportingTraditional marketing content reporting provides metrics such as views, clicks, likes, and comments. But do these metrics genuinely unveil which content inspires prospect interactions and propels sales? ActiveDEMAND enables you to analyse engagement, helping you discover which content leads to sign-ups, purchases, and other pivotal actions for your business.

With ActiveDEMAND, you can pinpoint the content that generates inquiries, deals, new leads, and revenue. This data holds far more value than mere views and clicks. It delivers insights that can guide your content strategy and drive genuine results.



Connecting Content with Sales

connectinmg-with-salesOne of the most critical engagement points is understanding how your content directly contributes to sales. ActiveDEMAND takes it a step further by providing a complete customer journey, from initial contact through to the final sale. This allows you to pinpoint precisely which content drives conversions and ultimately generates revenue.

Appreciating the impact of your content goes way beyond clicks and likes. ActiveDEMAND offers a marketing automation platform that transcends basic metrics, furnishing insights into how your content performs throughout the customer journey, ultimately leading to sales.


Move Beyond Clicks and Likes

ActiveDEMAND's Content Hub and Content Cards are the ideal tools to propel you beyond clicks and likes. These features empower you to comprehend the actual influence of your content, enabling data-driven decision-making and elevating your overall marketing performance and return on investment.

The Content Hub presents a centralised and efficient solution for managing and distributing your content, while Content Cards guarantee the effective delivery of your message. By automating content distribution and attributing engagement to specific content, you can elevate your marketing efforts, ensuring that the right content reaches the right people and enabling the achievement of your marketing goals. It's time to make data-driven decisions and move beyond simplistic metrics to truly grasp the impact of your content. ActiveDEMAND's Content Hub serves as your gateway to success in the digital marketing landscape. 

ActiveDEMAND is sold and supported in the UK by Lead Intuition. Call us today on 01603 552696 or book an appointment for a chat by clicking the button below.


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Aactivedemand-gold-certified-partners the official UK reseller and support partner of ActiveDEMAND, Lead Intuition offers this powerful technology solution that simplifies the marketing tech stacks for Marketing Agencies and in-house Marketing Teams. ActiveDEMAND is a web-based marketing automation & sales  CRM tool tailored to meet the needs of marketers and agencies of all sizes. 


By functioning as an integrated CRM platform, ActiveDEMAND enables marketing & sales team alignment with all data available from a single point of truth. Streamlined campaign management, funnel visualisation, content hubs, CRM + sales pipelines, attribution, revenue reporting & forecasting are just a few features that ActiveDEMAND offers while seamlessly integrating with daily-use business applications.

Lead Intuition brings the human touch to automation. As an ActiveDEMAND Certified Gold Deployment Partner, you can leverage our technical & digital marketing knowledge with the power of ActiveDEMAND to optimise your marketing strategies and drive impactful results.


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