Customer Relationship Marketing

Customer Relationship Marketing 

The art of good Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM) has become an absolute essential for any business that wants to win — and keep — its customers. Over the past year or more, with things looking very shaky for so many in the world of work, there is a clear lesson to be learned; businesses that are forward-thinking, adaptable, and that understand and engage with their customers will be the ones to thrive in the months and years to come

For the uninitiated, Customer Relationship Marketing is all about building relationships and long-term loyalty with customers and prospects, understanding and responding to their buying habits, needs…and much more. It’s not a one-hit selling method, it’s a long game; creating meaningful dialogue and using sophisticated data and feedback to develop those strong bonds that are business gold. With the ultimate goal of getting, and keeping, your customers and prospects invested in you and your brand. This type of marketing’s ability to tap into the mindset of your customers and prospective customers has become an essential part of B2B and B2C marketing, more targeted, more personalised and more strategic than ever before. 

As a marketing agency, or corporate marketing department, imagine how powerful it would be to engage with and switch your customers onto your brand, get them emotionally committed to you, and give them what they want…before they even know that they want it!

It all sounds like a very time-consuming and baffling process, doesn’t it? But a Marketing Automation Platform will give you all the tools you need at your fingertips, enabling you to plan and execute marketing campaigns, analyse their success and use what you’ve learned to plan new campaigns — very quickly and easily.

These tools will give you insights you could not otherwise achieve. Customer and prospect engagement with consistent, regular messaging is essential, but relevance is just as vital. A Marketing Automation Platform like ActiveDEMAND will enable you to drill down and target people by interest and behaviour, which delivers better engagement.

The last year has driven more of the buying process online than ever before — so collecting good data is essential. Building a profile of your customers and prospects by knowing what they engage with will help you develop a marketing strategy that is constantly evolving and changing, just as people do.

Using clever tools to get prospects to sign up to your outreach means you can turn third party prospects into first party data (this is unaffected by Google's 3rd party Cookie Policies). And delivering your compelling content through multiple channels (email, social media, SMS) makes life easy. 

You may ask how much time and human resources this type of marketing will eat up. The simple answer is that automating multiple stage campaigns through email and SMS makes your marketing resource go further, saving you precious time with these repetitive tasks. And because you can integrate over 2,000 business tools like online calendars, payment systems, online surveys, event booking systems, eCommerce platforms, call recording and tracking systems within marketing campaigns, you can save time and make campaigns repeatable. 

Most marketing agencies spend around five hours per client per month producing reports that show attribution results for their work. A sophisticated Marketing Automation Platform will aggregate data across all campaign channels and can produce intelligent reports in minutes. So instead of your staff spending hours on spreadsheets, they can use their precious time more productively. 

Another very appealing aspect of a Marketing Automation Platform like ActiveDEMAND is that it can be white-labelled to a Marketing Agency’s brand, which means they are proving their worth to clients daily and in real time, safe in the knowledge that all available data has been captured and accounted for. So delivering sales leads and reports branded to your agency in this way continually proves ROI to your clients.

The ActiveDEMAND Marketing Automation Platform is affordable, helps you build excellent customer and prospect relationship campaigns and delivers a seamless sales process. It also provides intelligent metrics that will help you develop future campaign strategy. In today's competitive world, can you really afford not to have a sophisticated Marketing Automation Platform at your fingertips?

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