Drip Email Campaigns

Drip email campaigns are excellent for companies or organisations who need to send sequential information or messages. Perhaps you want to build your sales campaign via a series of sales messages building to a launch date. Perhaps you need to send information in a controlled and times nature, maybe as part of a training programme

How Can You Use A Drip Email Campaign?

Whatever the information or interval, we can construct an automated campaign to do this without the need for you to remember or do any more than enter the recipients’ name and starting date. Our automated marketing machine will do it all for you. We can construct the emails, build the system, load your records and deliver the emails at the pre-agreed times.

A drip campaign can also be used to inform people close to the end of a warrantee, like software, or close to the anniversary of a product service, like car MOT’s or boiler services. It can offer them links to re-buy or book a service for the product. When the link is activated it can remove them from one list and place them into the renewed list allowing us to re-set the drip campaign for the forthcoming year.

The uses for this type of automated marketing are endless. But like all Lead Intuition campaigns they are constructed around your objectives and contain a pathway designed to achieve end goals. We provide an analytics report of the campaign’s progress which can be mailed to you either daily, weekly or monthly, depending on your wishes.

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