Email Marketing - Timed (Newsletters) or Triggered (Drip or Nurture) Campaigns

More Than Email Marketing… ActiveDEMAND Gives You Everything You Need

Many email marketing applications only provide the features needed to create and send email campaigns. With ActiveDEMAND email marketing features, users get all the tools needed to make their email campaign successful including landing page wizards, call tracking numbers, web forms and more

Fast and Simple Setup

ActiveDEMAND offers many features designed to make setting up email campaigns as fast and easy as possible. Setup wizards, email templates, drag-and-drop editor, image library, dynamic variables, list management, multiple brand support and much more.

Know Which Emails are Performing the Best

ActiveDEMAND‘s detailed reports on email delivery and prospect engagement provide marketers with essential performance data. Built in automatic A/B testing features and multivariate options ensures delivery of the best performing email.

Smart Send Delivery

What if you could deliver your email at the time your prospect was checking their mail?

ActiveDEMAND can do that! ActiveDEMAND email software can deliver a campaign email based on day-of-week and time-of-day email open rate history for each individual contact.

Triggered (Drip or Nurture) Campaigns

Drip Campaigns Turn Interested Prospects into True Leads and Help to Retain Customers

Drip Campaigns make it easy to maintain customer relationships and nurture prospects to close sales. Using our simple drag and drop editor, anyone can create a Drip Campaign. Once activated, the Drip Campaign is automated, marketing your brand and business to your client base or prospects - at the moment they are most receptive.  Emails are sent based on a prospect's activity.  IF they do x, THEN we send y email.  Moving your prospects along the purchase funnel......even while you sleep

Your Message When It’s Wanted

To get the best results in marketing, it’s important to send the most relevant messages to the right people at the right time. Our drip campaign workflows make it easy to focus your efforts where they count most, and deliver your message based on a prospect’s actions as they happen.

Keep Your Brand Front and Center

The easy to setup Drip Campaign tool set lets you provide valuable content and meet a prospect’s needs at each stage of their buying journey. You’ll stay top of mind and position your company for the sale

Personal Touch

Drip or Nurture campaigns re-inforce a customer’s behaviour on your company’s website including previous behaviour patterns, timing, and course of action. Our drip campaigns can be used as a part of email or social media marketing to provide the best way to get relevant and timely content to your customers in a personal manner.

Drip campaigns are used as a function of lead generation and the qualification process. Drip campaign marketing is an automated prospect engagement method that augments personal lead follow-up. New leads are automatically enrolled into a drip campaign that delivers messaging relevant to the your call-to-action. Drip campaigns are also referred to as lead nurturing, timed or nurture campaigns.

In addition to drip campaigns, we provide a powerful set of email marketing tools for digital marketing agencies, small businesses and marketers alike. With email templates, responsive design, optimised deliverabilty, attribution reporting and more.  We provide everything you need to be a successful online marketer.

For businesses who are not seeing an acceptable return from their marketing efforts or lack a marketing strategy altogether, ActiveDEMAND is the answer. Sold and supported in the UK by Lead Intuition, ActiveDEMAND is an online application that provides an easy-to-use email marketing tool with pre-built templates and wizards and is affordably priced for small and medium sized businesses.

All Backed Up with Support When You Need It

UK Based Support and  Service

Lead Intuition offers UK based Integration, Consulting Training and Support for ActiveDEMANDs awesome marketing platform.  Hands on support when you need it and telephone, online page and video tutorials to get you started - all there to help you maximise your marketing impact

Compatible with all Popular Devices

Deliverability is key to successful email marketing. ActiveDEMAND provides you with a library of professional email and landing page templates. Each template is rigorously tested to ensure it is compatible with all popular email programs so you can be sure your email looks good no matter who is looking at it.

Responsive Emails

Stop Juggling, Start Marketing

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