Enhanced Dashboard Reporting

Enhanced Dashboard Reporting

Why You Need Enhanced Dashboard Reporting

Marketing manager’s and marketing agencies need to be able to demonstrate the results of their marketing efforts and the ROI yielded by them. In the past the act of creating reports could take 4-5 hours per campaign or client. It often required marketers to tap into various online tools including call tracking, Google Ads, social media and email. But now Lead Intuition removes the need for all that. Our reporting and dashboard templates have simple to use widgets, extracting and populating data contained in the system, so you can supply reports and up-to-the-minute data on dashboards to colleagues and clients. Saving you time and enabling minute-by-minute analytics. Add value to your campaigns and clients by streamlining workflows and saving time.

Seamless integration with enhanced metrics

Lead Intuition works natively with Google Analytics to supplement your analytics account with additional marketing metrics. Lead Intuition will automatically push campaign and call tracking data into Google Analytics. For advanced dashboard reporting, marketers add widgets in Lead Intuition reports that pull data directly from Google Analytics.

Create Custom Google Analytics Widgets

Whether you are creating your own KPI dashboard, or keeping your marketing constituents up to date on your marketing activities, Lead Intuition enables marketers to create custom marketing widgets. Access Google’s powerful web analytics API to create bar graphs, donut graphs, tabular data, delta-widgets and more.

Track your email campaigns

When creating email campaigns within Lead Intuition, detailed campaign data will automatically be recorded in your Google Analytics account. Marketers can see the impact email campaigns have on their website traffic.

The Dashboard Effect

Through the use of client dashboards, agencies can, while fully utilising their own branding, share common information with their clients. Furthermore, clients of agencies can log into their own personal dashboard to observe the performance and status of their campaigns. For the first time, all marketing reporting requirements exist in one location, with marketing analytics systems compacting all marketing data through one login.

Enhanced dashboard reporting has come a long way from its predecessors. Enhanced dashboards offer complete control over dashboard design and the ability to reach specific visitors, conversions and buyers. Now marketers’ reports can include complete analysis of current conversion attribution, first conversion attribution, first visit attribution and other metrics with minimal effort. Enhanced dashboards, integrate with such platforms as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google Ads, Google Analytics as well as email campaigns and more to bring all their data to one interface

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