Event Sign-up Systems

Lead Intuition can offer you an event sign-up system which allows visitors to your stand to sign up for a competition, or to receive more offers or information, and ‘opts them in’ to receive emails from you legally.

How Do We Do It?

Trade events and exhibitions have always been a great way of attracting more leads for a company’s sales pipeline. In the past, this was possible by running simple competitions for visitors to your stand, maybe by offering them the opportunity to enter their business card into a raffle for a prize. You could then add the individual’s details to your database and start mailing information about your product or services.

After GDPR becomes law on 25 May 2018, this type of marketing will no longer be legal and could even attract a significant fine for your company, unless you have a person’s specific and documented consent to mail them.

Our system will date and time stamp their ‘opting in’, giving you a clean, legal marketing database that can be used in future marketing campaigns. It’s easy to operate and can be as simple as having an app on your phone or tablet which the visitor to your stand can fill in and enter into your competition and database.

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