Maximising Digital Content Distribution in a Franchise or Multiple Branch Business

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Franchise Growth Made Easy! 

  • Create Digital Content on a Single Platform
  • Keep Your Brand Message Consistent
  • Centralise Creation & Moderation
  • Automate Location/Branch Adaptation
  • Streamline Content Distribution
  • Individual Branch/Franchisee CRM included
  • Data Driven KPIs

Content marketing has become indispensable for businesses looking to engage their target audience, build brand awareness, and drive lead generation. Ensuring consistent and effective content distribution across all locations can be daunting for franchise or multiple branch businesses. However, ActiveDEMAND’s content hub changes this by creating Content Cards (rather like a lending library of content) which can then be used for just about every channel, from email campaigns to scheduled social media posts, blogs and even your website. This on its own is an amazing feature but when you add the possibility of automation to the process, then it becomes totally revolutionary. For Instance, automation can be set up to create monthly newsletters personalised to the branch or franchise location with a minimal touch from the marketing department.

This game-changing feature will make content distribution much easier for everyone. However, in franchise or multiple branch businesses, this will remove the need for generating multiple files for multiple locations, so no more cutting & pasting! Read on and you will understand the significance of the ActiveDEMAND content hub and how it will empower businesses to maintain brand consistency, increase visibility, and streamline content management whilst saving a ton of time and resources.

How does it work?


ActiveDEMAND’s Content Hub is a central digital asset repository that serves as the heart of your content marketing efforts. The central marketing areas of franchisor and multi-branch businesses can create, organise, and distribute content more efficiently, eliminating the need for each franchise or branch to create content independently. This results in a consistent brand message and a unified customer experience.


Centralising Content Creation, Approval and Management


One of the primary challenges faced by franchise businesses is maintaining brand consistency across different locations. With the ActiveDEMAND Content Hub, this hurdle can be overcome effortlessly, enabling the marketing department to roll out personalised campaigns or blogs, pre-approved for the franchisees to access from a centralised library.

These marketing materials can be social media posts, blog articles, email templates, and more, For marketing departments that deliver the campaigns to channels on behalf of their franchise stakeholders or branches, the ActiveDEMAND Content Hub delivers an easy solution. Email Campaigns, Social Media Posts & Blogs can be cloned from the administration account to the location accounts with a single click.


Centralising content creation and management ensures that all branches are equipped with the most up-to-date and on-brand content. Moreover, corporate marketing teams can easily make changes to content assets and ensure that those changes are automatically updated across all locations, guaranteeing uniformity throughout the network. There’s even a content moderation process to ensure all stakeholders approve the content before rollout.


Customisation for Localised Engagement

While maintaining brand consistency is vital, franchise businesses also benefit from localised engagement. Each branch serves a unique community with specific preferences and interests. The ActiveDEMAND Content Hub allows for setting personalisation preferences for each location. So distributed content will pick up the locations personalisation along the way minimising the need for intervention by the marketing department.

Streamlining Content Distribution 

Content distribution can be complex and time-consuming, especially when it must be rolled out for multiple locations. The traditional method of disseminating content individually to each location can lead to inefficiencies and inconsistencies.

With the ActiveDEMAND Content Hub, content distribution is streamlined. The marketing department can automate content delivery for each location. Alternatively, franchisees or branch managers can access and download the marketing assets they need from the content hub, saving time and effort. The platform allows for automated scheduling and distribution of content across various channels, such as email campaigns, social media, and blogs, ensuring that the right content reaches the right audience at the right time.

Leveraging Data Insights for Improved Performance

A content hub like the ActiveDEMAND Content hub, facilitates content distribution and provides valuable reporting and data insights. The Marketing Department can access performance metrics and analytics, gauging the effectiveness of their content marketing efforts.

Data analysis of customer engagement identifies which types of content resonate most with local audiences so you can adjust your strategies accordingly. Optimising strategies in this way is guaranteed to improve sales and reduce budget!


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Content marketing is the bedrock in the success of franchise or multiple branch businesses. The introduction of content hubs, such as the ActiveDEMAND Content Hub, has revolutionised content distribution strategies for marketing as a whole but is fundamental in Franchise and multiple branch businesses.

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