FunnelFLARE Integrates

With your existing business Tools








Your CRM


 FunnelFLARE connects and complements your existing CRM

We will automatically record and log your calls and notes right in your CRM.  You can work from your CRM or directly in FunnelFLARE.  The choice is yours!

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Your Website


Our websites are our storefront.  FunnelFLARE tracks your website visitors, even alerts you when they are on your pages

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Marketing Automation


FunnelFLARE solves the problem of marketing and sales team alignment, integrating directly with the ActiveDEMAND marketing automation platform

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Your Technology Stack


In addition to our tight integrations with the major CRM's, FunnelFLARE links with 100's of the business tools you already rely on.

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Your Calendar


We can help you get more from your existing calendar and email.

Email prospects from your normal email application.  Stop playing calendar tag with your clients. FunnelFLARE’s appointment scheduler is online 24/7 for customers to book at a mutually convenient time/date.

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Connect to your CRM

FunnelFLARE has amazing integration with CRM platforms!

FunnelFLARE agency marketing software integrates seamlessly with 

By integrating FunnelFLARE with your CRM application you'll instantly improve your sales process. FunnelFLARE delivers leads in real-time to your CRM. More than just adding contacts to your CRM, FunnelFLARE transfers historical information to help sales teams make better decisions.
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FunnelFLARE connects directly and securely to all major CRM's.  Once the connection is authorised, data is mapped between FunnelFLARE and your CRM using a two-way sync between the packages.  Thus ensuring you are always up to date.  If you also use our Chrome Extension, then there is a direct look-up to marketing insights from your CRM to see both contact and account level activity.  You can even add contacts to marketing drip campaigns without leaving the CRM!


FunnelFLARE Integrates With Your Calendar, Email and Meeting Apps

FunnelFLARE integrates with your business tools. No need to change, you are perfect as you are!




 FunnelFLARE Integrates With Marketing Automation

FunnelFLARE integrates with the enterprise marketing automation system, ActiveDEMAND.

ActiveDEMAND enables SME's and agencies to supercharge their marketing efforts through streamlined campaign management, campaign recipes and attribution reporting while integrating with many other business, sales and marketing applications.

FunnelFLARE Integrates With Your Website

You no longer do you need to wonder who is on your website. FunnelFLARE knows and can tell you!

Regardless of the CMS you use, FunnelFLARE will integrate. To make it easy for those with WordPress, FunnelFLARE has a great WordPress plugin!


FunnelFLARE Integrates With Your Tech Stack and Apps

Use FunnelFLARE’s partnerships with Zapier, Integrately and LeadsBridge to interface and connect your sales process with over 1500 other business applications!

Backed Up with UK Support When You Need It

UK Based Sales, Support and  Service

Lead Intuition offers UK based Integration, Consulting Training and Support for both FunnelFLARE and ActiveDEMAND's awesome sales automation and enablement platform.  Hands on support when you need it and telephone, online page and video tutorials to get you started - all there to help you maximise your sales impact.


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