Spend More Time Engaging, Less Time Chasing

FunnelFLARE is a leading sales engagement and automation platform allowing you to reach more prospects, spending less time dropping voicemails, writing emails and chasing prospects who ghost you. Make more calls in less time!

Who uses FunnelFLARE?

Sales Development

SDR's have clear prospect lists that can be called directly from their desktop including scripts and time-saving automated actions for leaving prospects a voice mail and chasing non answers.  Waiting time and admin is minimised. Calling time maximised.

Account Executives

Account Executives can work directly from your existing integrated CRM or from within FunnelFLARE which integrates with all the major CRMs.  Monitor and execute account based sales strategies to land more strategic accounts.

Customer Success Teams

Customer Success Teams and Managers can be involved all the way through onboarding and new customer induction nurturing long-term relationships. Integrated task panel means you never miss an action.

Phone Calls and Text Messaging


 FunnelFLARE will automatically record, transcribe and log your calls directly into your CRM. Automated voicemail drops and post call follow up emails will power your sales.


Email & Task Automation


Spending a significant amount of time writing and sending emails between calls?  FunnelFLARE takes care of the admin between calls and helps maintain consistent messaging!

Appointment Scheduling


Stop playing calendar tag with your clients. FunnelFLARE’s appointment scheduler is online 24/7 for customers to book a meeting at a mutually convenient time/date.

Engagement  Tracking


See when your clients are on your website and even tell if they are on there now!  Are they engaging with your emails. Now you can see it in real time!

Sales Dialer

Turbo charge your sales. Call, leave a message, send an email, write notes in your CRM.

Let FunnelFLARE take the leg work out of calling and messaging!

Rapid fire sales dialer with prospect connect automation

Click to call directly from within your CRM

Dynamic call scripts (using merge fields from your CRM!)

Log your call (with transcripts) in your CRM

Voicemail Drop

Call completion email templates

Call completion SMS templates

Automatically log your call (with transcripts) in your CRM


Stop Wasting Time

Less Time On Paperwork = More Time Selling

No one gets into sales because they love the paperwork, chasing the wrong leads, and wasting time on tire kickers.

With FunnelFLARE, you can get that time back and get back to the selling part of sales.

No more phone call notes


Stop “click clacking” on a keyboard and spend more of your time engaging your prospects on calls. FunnelFLARErecords, transcribes, and posts the transcription of a sales call to your CRM automatically.

Stop playing phone tag


Playing phone tag to setup a meeting is frustrating for you and your prospects and clients. Use the FunnelFLARE appointment scheduler linked to your calendar to end appointment phone tag forever.

Systematic follow ups


Don’t waste your life writing emails to low probability prospects to try to get a meeting. FunnelFLARE can automatically follow up on unresponsive prospects via text message, email, and more.

Missed call automation


Client forgot about your call? Automatically drop a pre-recorded voicemail for them and quickly send a personalised email follow up asking them to rebook using your FunnelFLARE appointment scheduler.

Automatic email sequences


Tag prospects who you want to receive your best email sequence or automated email campaign and then let the FunnelFLARE handle the rest.

Catch your prospect at their desk


Got notified when prospects read your emails or visit your website and then make your phone call: catch them at their desk.

CRM Integration

We integrate directly with all major CRM's

Save Time With Sales Workflow Automation!

How many emails does it take to persuade a prospect to download a white paper? How many emails does it take to get a prospect to sign a contract. Now you can do the work once and assign prospects to automated email campaigns directly from within your CRM!

Email & Task Automation

Over and over and over and over … how many times have you sent the same email?



Let FunnelFLARE do the follow up!

Assign automated email  campaigns directly from your CRM

Deal and task automation! Automate your entire sales process!

Sequence SMS autoresponders

Track all email opens, link clicks, and email replies

Automatically stop emails based on email replies, phone calls, or any prospect activity

All emails are sent using your business email servers (no unsubscribe links required)

FunnelFLARE Integrates With Your Calendar and Email

FunnelFLARE integrates with your business tools. No need to change, you're perfect as you are!


Sales Reporting

FunnelFLARE includes sales activity reporting to help you see what’s working and what’s not.  Team Managers can review all recorded calls for quality, staff training and coaching.

Reporting in FunnelFLARE is available as a Dashboard and as scheduled email reports. We recommend dashboards for users who are frequently on the platform and require live, up-to-date information. For users who aren’t in the platform often, stakeholders in different groups, or for users who don't want to login then scheduled email reports are the better choice.

SDR's, Account Managers, and Sales Managers are more likely to use dashboards, while Directors, marketing, and other stakeholders will appreciate an automatic daily, weekly, or monthly email with just the KPIs they care about. 

Campaign and Activity Reporting


Analyse your campaigns and sequences in depth to see where prospects fall out or where they respond the most.

Track phone calls and other activity per salesperson to easily see who’s making the most calls. .

Backed Up with UK Support When You Need It

UK Based Sales, Support and  Service

Lead Intuition offers UK based Integration, Consulting Training and Support for both FunnelFLARE and ActiveDEMAND's awesome sales automation and enablement platform.  Hands on support when you need it and telephone, online page and video tutorials to get you started - all there to help you maximise your sales impact.


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