Right of Access and Portability

Right of access means that all data collected on an individual must be easily accessible. Lead Intuition provides a simple form element that makes it easy for marketers to automate the process of complying with a ‘right of access’ request. Right of portability allows for all of Lead Intuition data to be exported, including contact lists, metadata, and the conversions captured within the database.

Rights to Object and Be Forgotten

With Lead Intuition it is technically impossible to send an email to a contact who has opted out.  Lead Intuition also enforces all outbound communications so that contacts will always have the ability to unsubscribe/opt-out. The next level is the Right to Be Forgotten. Deleting any Lead Intuition contact will permanently delete all data related to that individual except a record of request and delete. Lead Intuition also provides a simple ‘Forget Me’ form element that can be presented to a prospect.

Easy Opt-In Communications

Lead Intuition has Opt-In form elements, dynamic opt-in email fields and dynamic opt-in landing pages allowing for easy Opt-In to marketing communications. All Opt-Ins are captured, recorded, and managed on an individual’s timeline. Lead Intuition also provides a simple one-click guard to globally lock outbound communication to only those who have opted in if desired by your privacy policy.

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