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Increase your Sales with No Cold Calling

Turning websites into lead generating machines


Big picture: Where are you now and where are you trying to go? How can we get you there? What’s the end game—not just the immediate need?


Measurable: We tie metrics and goals to each of our marketing plans to ensure we focus resources on the most efficient and effective activities to reach your goals.


Consultative: We become a part of your team. We want to understand your business so that we can build the right roadmap for you. We don’t provide off-the-shelf strategies, because none of our clients are exactly alike.


Fact-based: We always start with fact-based research. We’ll take the time to get to understand your company, products/services, competitive landscape, target markets, and target audiences. We can’t build a measurable strategy to achieve your objectives until we do. Helping you to achieve your goal is what we’re all about.

Case Histories

Our clients come from many different disciplines. From car dealerships through to niche software houses; construction through to engineering. In fact, any company of any size with a product or service to sell will benefit from sales lead generation and automated marketing, but each client will require a different plan.

Here are just a few recent case histories:

Client A

Client A is a New and Used car main dealership with a database of customers and a variety of new models to market over the course of the year. In recent years’ it has been difficult to target new customers through traditional newspaper advertising and so new ways of generating sales leads were sought.

Lead Intuition worked with the client to establish campaigns through Social Media and by creating an eNewsletter offering customers the opportunity to download brochures and book test drives through an online calendar. We are able to match the customers online journey across the client’s website with their personal details. This allows the client to fully understand the customer’s requirements before they even visit the dealership and results in valuable sales leads for each campaign we run. Additionally, because the customer’s journey across the website is documented, the sales person is able to make a warm call to the customer based on the evidence. This improves the customer’s engagement and gives the sales person a far greater chance of completing the sale.

Client B

Client B is a niche market software house supplying flow calculation software to the Oil and Gas Industry. In recent years marketing had been reduced due to the downturn in the oil and gas industry and had been limited to SEO, AdWords and word of mouth. With oil and gas still being delivered from ships or flowing through pipelines, the software potentially has even more relevance and client value to today’s tight oil market. We began by spending time with the client and developed a thorough understanding of their product, its global users, their pain points and its place in the current market.

By developing Customer Personas, we were able to produce marketing materials that would engage potential users. We then created a new online journey using email as the primary outreach tool and professional prospecting via Social Media. We re-engaged users and created compelling emails, landing pages and valuable assets for them to download in exchange for contact data. In one month, this generated over 160 primary leads which are subsequently nurtured through our marketing automation processes to sales ready leads.

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