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Slack and Lead Intuition - Our Slack Integration Story Slack


At Lead Intuition, working remotely has been our way of life since we started business, so the March 2020 lockdown didn’t change our working practices so much.  We used to meet at least once per week and managed to coordinate and collaborate ok using phone, SMS, email, shared drives etc.  At times frustrating, but just about doable.

However, once in lockdown and “the new way of working”, the email, phone and zoom traffic became immense.  Tempers became shorter, frustration levels rose as the realities of everything being remote with no over the table meetings hit home. The sheer volume of work hanging in the ether and sometimes being missed were real.  Something had to change and quick!

We’d looked at Slack and Microsoft Teams before but wondered if they were just something else to login to every day and so let that moment pass.  Fuelled with frustrations of the new way of working and suspecting that this will become the way we work in the future, we bit the bullet and opened a free Slack account.  We were up and running in minutes.  The attraction of Slack was the many apps that allowed 3rd party packages (Outlook, Chat Google Calendar & Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, Twitter, Zoom, CRM’s...etc) to connect including our own marketing automation tool ActiveDEMAND  where we can signals to the growing and scattered team.

The impact of Slack was immediate.  Shared folders or channels were created for all; projects, clients, ideas, sales, marketing, Reports, To Do Lists, staff and vendors.  Quite literally overnight, things became simpler.  We all know what to do and when it needs to be done by. We all have access to the same information.   No more chain emails or sorry I forgot to copy you.  No more files miss-filed or lost.  They are in or linked to the relevant Slack Channel and everyone has access who needs it.  With the Slack app on our phones, we don't need SMS or Whatsapp for instant messaging anymore.  Literally, its all in Slack!


slack workflow integration

Slack and ActiveDEMAND

Our awesome automated marketing package ActiveDEMAND also has a Slack app.  Its just a couple of simple steps to connect the two accounts and you are Slacking with ActiveDEMAND too. 

We generate many daily automated, email campaign reports between our own and clients marketing initiatives.  We now send these reports directly to a Slack channel from ActiveDEMAND relieving our email inbox.

When a prospect enters, leaves or completes a call to action set by us, we are notified in Slack.  No need to switch software packages or asking someone ‘what’s happening’, just one click in the slack channel and you know whats going on! 

Automation working for us – just as it’s meant to!

Slack has become our daily management and collaboration ‘go to’.  Its the backbone of what we do and how we do it.  Where any of our current cloud solution vendors don’t connect to Slack, we are looking at alternatives who do.  It has made that much difference to us.

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