Content Moderation for the Digital Marketer

Prevent those "Oh C**p" moments when marketing content goes out with errors

In the heat of marketing deadlines, its all too easy to publish content only to see a mistake in your work once its published.  Even worse if the client or prospect discovers it for you!  Broken links, the wrong image used, spelling errors, typo's.....etc.  We have all done it!

Making mistakes can negatively impact the brand, erode trust and could have a negative impact on the business. An approval or check/validation process is key to successful content delivery. For those with the ActiveDEMAND Corporate Marketer package, ActiveDEMAND has a built in content approval process. This allows you to ensure content does not get published without the appropriate approvals and checks to ensure it's been reviewed and is authorised for publication.

Content Moderation

Content moderation is a system of reviews and approvals you can put in place on content such as:-

  • Social posts (Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn/etc)
  • Blog Posts (when using ActiveDEMAND to post to WordPress)
  • Email Campaigns

2 different kinds of users work on content: 

Content Editor: that's a person who is currently creating/editing a story (email/social post/blog post.) In many agencies, this might be a junior or intermediate person doing the work up front. 

Content Moderator: This is the person who approves a specific story, maybe someone in a senior or supervisory role who can make the final edit. With centralised management of social, email, and blog post content, marketing departments will be able to move some of their moderation and approvals out of Slack or email, and into the ActiveDEMAND platform where approvals and moderation can be closer to the action.

We have a support article here to know how to implement this feature


If you would like a demo of ActiveDEMAND including content moderation, book a demo here.

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