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Welcome to Lead Intuition, your ultimate UK partner for maximising the benefits of your ActiveDEMAND subscription. We specialise in providing fractional coaching, consulting, and administration services that drive superior marketing and sales outcomes. As the official ActiveDEMAND partner in the UK, we are proud to offer unrivalled sales and product support to help you unlock the full potential of this powerful platform.

If you're already using ActiveDEMAND, Lead Intuition can assist you in maximising your subscription benefits and achieving better marketing and sales outcomes through our coaching, consulting, and administration services.  

If you are new to ActiveDEMAND, then don't waste valuable time making mistakes that will hold back your growth.  Add Lead Intuition to your marketing team on a fractional basis and get your system setup right from day one.

As the UK's official support partner for ActiveDEMAND, we here for system sales and backed up with great UK based support and fractional consulting services.


Streamline your processes, optimise to scale


Increase your conversion rate & generate more leads


Save hours each week and maximise your impact


ActiveDEMAND is a powerful marketing automation platform that covers all the bases, from CRM and lead nurturing to deal management, social media, and website dynamic content. But mastering all of these features can be complex, especially in the early days of use and setup.

That's where Lead Intuition comes in. We can provide you with an ActiveDEMAND expert who will coach, assist, or even do it all for you, so you can focus on what you do best: growing your business.

What We Can Bring to Your ActiveDEMAND Account

Streamlined Processes

We structure your ActiveDEMAND system to ensure your team are able to handle all processes with ease, from one centralised system, increasing your operational efficiency.

Business Scale

We design your ActiveDEMAND system with the growth of your business in mind, enabling you to scale with ActiveDEMAND. Our solutions are built to last so you can rely on your ActiveDEMAND system for years to come. 

Business Metrics

Insight into the metrics of your business's processes means total transparency into the performance of your businesses. Allowing you to make informed, accurate decisions to drive your business growth


We leverage automation to prevent your team having to spend time creating or completing repetitive tasks, or manually having to send emails to customers or sales opportunities.

Using automation also prevents the team forgetting about customers or sales opportunities, offering the highest chances of converting prospects or keeping customers.

Software Integrations

Integrating your various business application software will greatly improve the operational efficiency of the business, streamlining business processes and reducing manual data entry.

Your various applications can work in tandem, organised and cohesive to pull and push data between each other without the need for human engagement

Reporting & Analytics

We build dashboards and reports to provide detailed insight into the performance of your marketing across all of your business processes. 

Understanding how the business is performing gives you the chance to make adjustments to grow, or double down when something is working well.

Other Services Offered

Our client success team are the UK ActiveDEMAND experts and can help you with all of your ActiveDEMAND service needs from email template builds, CRM integration to full campaign builds.

CRM Integration


Get access to all of your data fast when you integrate your external CRM.

  • Field mappings
  • Post to CRM action(s)
  • Integration test
  • Creating custom fields


Campaign Builds


Have a campaign you need to be done but you are short on resources?

  • Identifying and setting goals for the campaign
  • Building campaign workflow
  • Adding email templates to the campaign
  • Adding SMS messages to the campaign
  • Call Tracking setup required


Email Template Builds


Set up an email template with your company’s brand.

  • Image placeholders
  • Content placeholders
  • Email links
  • Configuring email header information (subject line, preview text, etc.)


Landing Page Template Builds


Create a landing page with your branding front and centre.

  • Header information
  • Footer information
  • Social media content block
  • Brand location content block
  • Website content block
  • Image placeholders
  • Content placeholders


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UK Based Consultancy & Support from the Professionals

Lead Intuition are the UK official support and reseller of ActiveDEMAND CRM, Marketing and Sales automation platforms. Our team is dedicated to helping you maximise ActiveDEMAND. We deliver solutions that scale and evolve with your business – giving you lasting value. 


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