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Join 10,000+ salespeople, managers, and CEOs in 80+ countries who use to manage their sales processes and increase conversions

Empower Your Sales Team

Your sales team stays focused on tracking and closing deals with a package that does all that they need. Simple to use with no complex technology.


Pipeline Management

Track all opportunities in one place, move deals to the next stage with a click


Task & Reminder Management

Know what to do next, sync with your email & calendar for daily reminder notifications


Reports & Dashboards

Informative dashboards at individual and team management levels to quickly see progress


Integrations & Plugins

Connect to your favourite apps to achieve more and spend less time app switching

spend-more-time-closing-deals Your team should be talking to prospects and closing deals, not doing data entry.

The sales process is hard enough without the burden of collecting non-critical data or having to spend valuable time just feeding a system that's overly complex and distracts from its core objective. 

Sales people need a system that helps keep them on track.  They need sales pipeline management software with a clean and easy to use interface to manage the sales process from a cold prospect, through to close. noCRM is that tool!

One of noCRM's greatest features is its simplicity of use.  There are no time consuming training sessions or long adoption processes normally associated with traditional CRM systems.  Typically, a couple of short instructional videos and the team is up and running.


mobile-apps-ios-and-android With the mobile app, teams and managers can stay informed and take action from anywhere. 

On the road, at the desk or working from home, your team is always connected.

Why so many CRM system implementations fail

successful-crm-implementation With standard CRM software, their implementation and successful adoption is often doomed before launch because it adds work to the sales process.

Sales productivity is reduced by filling out endless on-screen fields with unnecessary information.  noCRM puts the needs of the sales team first and aligns with their primary goal: acquiring and closing prospects!

Do you want your Salespeople to drive revenue or perform data entry? 

capture-leads-from-multiple-sources Your team can easily capture leads with a few click from sources including;

  • Website form completions,
  • LinkedIn,
  • email,
  • business cards scans,
  • spreadsheet imports  keeps it simple.  Each deal has a next action and reminder date.  you keep in touch with your prospects at key moments of the sales cycle, eliminating the risk of missing an important opportunity!  is  the perfect match for SMEs needing a proactive, simple to use, sales-first approach, to convert leads into deals and ultimately sales.

SME's enjoy the benefits of the noCRM cloud solution. There is no software to install, no maintenance required and your account is accessible anytime, anywhere!   Mobile or desktop, office, on the road or working from home  It’s fast, easy and secure.

Support when you need it, with help notes, videos and our support team available to keep your team selling


  • Manage your teams

    Create teams, assign leads to users, and set access permissions.

  • Structure information in a simple and effective way

    Customise multiple pipelines and create categories, tags, and fields needed for your leads.

  • Get an overview of what is happening and help your team

    Thanks to an activity feed, great email summary, and statistics reports managers can follow their whole team’s activity and step in when needed


Sales Managers get all the information they need too

informative-dashboards-follow-leads-to-close With insightful dashboards and drill-down metrics, the sales manager or company executive has all the information they need at their fingertips on-demand for individuals or the whole team.

No need for data exports to spreadsheets to make graphs.  The Team Manager view has both summary and drill-down detailed information to see things are on track. 

Keep track of that important deal, ensure attention is paid to what's important, delivering the sales results you want.

Make sales forecasts based hard data, not gut feelings or guess work.


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Adaptive Pricing

noCRM offers three editions to meet different needs or size of your business.

Starter Edition is a great place to start if you have never used a CRM or currently use a spreadsheet.

Expert is for the demanding sales team, larger business or if you want to connect / integrate with other marketing systems.

Dream Team is for teams that want the most from a lead management system with email tracking and team performance reporting.

Pricing shown here is for a monthly subscription.  There are generous discounts for an annually paid subscription.

All editions are available in seven official languages: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, German and Italian with full support from our international customer success team

Starter Edition

Move on from Excel and get started with managing your leads


per user per month

Billed monthly

Expert Edition

Efficient sales processes from prospecting to closing deals


per user per month

Billed monthly

Dream Team Edition

Scale your sales strategy, manage your team and grow your revenue


per user per month

Billed monthly

Powerful and very effective as a stand alone application, the noCRM Expert edition can be connected to other sales tools, marketing and management systems.

Connect with Marketing and Management

Align with your sales & marketing processes with one click (No coding, no Zaps) using the direct integration between noCRM and ActiveDEMAND.  Sales and marketing processes aligned by technology and not staff time.  At Lead Intuition, we use ActiveDEMAND for marketing automation and Slack for management and collaboration.  An example of how technology with no-code integrations can be put together directly and seamlessly without impacting the basic sales process.

integrate-nocrm-with-marketing-and-management-apps-like slack

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