How many potential customers have you just simply lost touch with?  You meant to send them an email or a quick follow-up phone call and time just got away from you.  A calendar reminder is good but still does not get the call made or email sent especially when you have other hot opportunities to pursue or lack the time at that moment.  So, if your sales cycle is say 6 to 12 months, it’s very easy to let a lead or opportunity slip through your fingers due to overwork or good old forgetfulness.  This is where the lead nurturing functionality of automated marketing becomes so valuable.

Nurturing functions cut out the need for you to re-establish rapport with a prospect. By automating the process of reaching-back-out and sending a drip feed of on-topic information without you even having to think about it you’ll never lose contact again.  However, processes can be further automated through a series of IF and THEN decisions.  For example, IF a prospect in your nurture workflow looks at a particular web page, THEN you send them a highly personalised, automated email on subject, or you are alerted to their website activity, so you can make that critical sales ready warm phone call.  Decisions are made based on hard facts of a customers’ interaction with your brand.  Not gut feelings (or if your salesperson feels like it).  Automated Marketing then turns the handover of a lead from marketing activity into a sales conversion as a repeatable process, especially when sales and marketing are both invested in the process.

Marketing automation has your back when you forget or run out of time to send that email.  It ensures there are no deadly gaps in communication that can slow or kill your sales cycle.

Lead Intuition uses cutting edge marketing technology to monitor your prospects.  Call us today to find out how we can help you keep in touch with long sales cycles and never forget.