Senior Living Lead Nurturing in 2023 by Email, Chat Phone & SMS

Is your tech stack up to the job?


Senior Living Lead nurturing using

  • Email
  • Chat
  • Tracked phone calls
  • SMS 

helps you guide prospects to close, optimise your sales cycle and save salespeople's time.

Ultimately it's the mix of tools that increases the number of move-ins.

Smart Phones and Smart Seniors

Senior living sales practices are evolving just like those who are looking for, or planning, their retirement options. The days of only millennials being the ones with smartphones; texting, chatting and WhatsApping have passed. According to  in 2021, 78% of UK adults over 55 had a smartphone. Additionally, when usage data is broken down over time, those aged between 55-64 have seen the most significant increase in smartphone internet usage, going from 9% in 2012 to 87% in 2020. This is followed by the over-65s, jumping from just 3% in 2012 to 65% in 2020. 


Sales teams need to be able to communicate with their prospects on the platforms they use and at a time that's convenient for them, often after working hours, making phone and email responses in real-time more challenging. Couple this with today's prospects who are less inclined to talk on the phone; it's easier for your sales team to get them over the line if you have the tools technology to match the prospects.


At Lead Intuition, using ActiveDEMAND Senior Living marketing automation software, we have created a platform to help convert leads. Our platform automates chat, personalised email and SMS outreach, so leads can be nurtured from capture to close.  If they call you by phone, we have Call Tracking too so nothing slips through. Call tracking will also help you identify the channels that are working where attribution is difficult to quantify like published advertising, billboards, radio and leaflet campaigns. The more you know about how leads arrived in the sales system the easier it is to repeat the marketing process.


Strategically Segmenting Leads 

Making the most of your own marketing-generated leads is crucial.

  • When prospective buyers visit your website or engage with your Facebook or Instagram posts, you need to offer them a Chat solution which captures their contact information at the very least and ideally collects data based on their behaviours, responses, and engagements which can be segmented later.


  • These segments are based on user attributes such as where they are in their journey, who else is involved in the purchase decision, their budget, and what information they seek while interacting with the Virtual Sales Associate. But don't just stop there. The real value of marketing automation is what we do with this information once we have it. 


If your sales team typically has 6 touch points per lead, this suggests the team would need to make around 600 emails, texts, or phone calls for every 100 leads received. Exhausting and challenging to control & track!


Personalised, Automated Lead Nurturing

The ultimate goal is to create a stream of continuous engagement that drives prospects towards booking the facility tour, at which point your sales team takes over. Our team works closely with you to develop personalised outreach and inbound response campaigns, which can be segmented based on your prospective buyers' known needs, preferences and your facility. Automated outreach includes personalised email and text messages to prevent prospects feeling pressurised and, therefore, more in control. If other people or family members are involved in the decision, they, too, can be included in the messaging with our Related Contacts feature.


Automate Manual Sales Tasks 

Automating manual sales tasks such as lead nurturing saves significant chunks of time and lets salespeople focus on the high-potential prospects that are ready to convert. Because every prospect is tracked and regularly engaged, no one falls through the cracks or gets dropped off a list unless they disqualify themselves. We know where everyone is in the pipeline or sales funnel and generate activity & status reports or push data up to your preferred CRM ... helping you turn more leads into move-in's.



If you don't have an ActiveDEMAND account you can:-

Aactivedemand-gold-certified-partners the official UK reseller and support partner of ActiveDEMAND, Lead Intuition offers Senior Living marketers the ability to simplify their marketing tech stack with this single powerful platform. ActiveDEMAND is a cloud-based marketing automation platform,  empowering marketers, agencies, and Senior Living businesses to easily enhance their marketing efforts. Streamlined campaign management, funnel visualisation, content hubs, CRM and attribution reporting are just a few features that ActiveDEMAND offers while seamlessly integrating with various other business, sales and marketing applications. Lead Intuition brings the human touch to automation. As an ActiveDEMAND Certified Gold Deployment Partner, you can leverage our technical & digital marketing knowledge with the power of ActiveDEMAND to optimise your marketing strategies and drive impactful results.

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