Marketing Automation for Retirement Living


Our Retirement Living marketing automation platform automatically nurtures and qualifies early stage leads, keeping them engaged with your community while gently advancing them to a sales interaction.

We have solutions for marketers who manage 1 or multiple communities.  ActiveDEMAND is designed to scale with your business.



📈 Increase tours and movin's

✅ Meet occupancy goals

📉 Reduce referrals & costs

Building Trust at Scale 

Establishing trust on a small scale, such as with one family, can be a fairly straightforward process. Providing timely responses, active listening, demonstrating empathy, and diligent follow-up are all key factors. However, when it comes to building trust for ten families within a single community, the process becomes more complex. Now, consider trying to build trust for ten families in 50 different communities.

ActiveDEMAND's marketing automation platform has a multi-tenant (multiple property) architecture and an effective contact relationship model, which allows for personalised engagement and automation to establish trust at scale.


Single Community

The single community marketer is best for senior living providers who manage a single facility.


Book facility tours

Email automation

Call tracking

Senior CRM integration





Community Marketer

The multi-community marketer supports senior living providers who manage marketing for multiple facilities.


Book facility tours

Email automation

Call tracking

Senior CRM integration

Rollup reports

Template & clone assets between facilities




Senior CRM Integration


ActiveDEMAND has native integration with the most  popular senior living CRMs. Close the loop between marketing and sales.


Multi-Facility Marketing


ActiveDEMAND makes it easy to market for multiple facilities. Clone campaigns, produce rollup reports for multiple facilities, and onboard new facilities fast.



Book Facility Tours


With built-in appointment scheduling, you can integrate calendars so sales or prospects can easily book facility tours and other consultation meetings without needing to play phone tag.



Relationship Model


With support for contact relationships, you can build custom messages that take into account relationships with adult children, relatives, or other trusted people involved in the retirement living home selection process.


Retirement living marketing is rapidly evolving. Adapting your marketing strategy to meet the diverse needs of a growing, evermore sophisticated senior audience in vital. To keep your marketing current, it is essential to incorporate modern technologies and best practices in your solution.
Targeting the right audience and generating leads for your community can be challenging given that there are now more options coming online for UK seniors and their families to find their ideal living space. Standing out as compassionate, trusted advisers in this person-to-person business is essential.  Backed with the right technology you can respond with the right messaging at the right time, communicating the way your audience prefers either through phone, SMS, or email.
Our specialised CRM Marketing Automation system for retirement living works automatically in the background, nurturing leads until your prospects are Sales Ready.  Leaving your team to focus on the qualified prospects that are ready for sales consultation and engagement. By automating the repetitive tasks and minimising manual record-keeping your team can dedicate more time to activities that drive occupancy and revenue, and not the grind of database management.


With over 3,800 communities using ActiveDEMAND, we are the

#1 Marketing Automation Platform in Senior Living

Campaign Reporting

Reports and dashboards to monitor and report all campaign initiatives.

Phone, Chat, Web and Email Tracking

Full contact attribution tracking; Phone, Email, Website, PPC, Social Media, offline .... 

Landing Pages with Forms

Build landing pages with forms that convert including surveys

Full Contact Management

Prospects, Residents, Relatives, Legal Representatives.  You can message the right people at the right time.

Relationship  Management

Build the picture between the prospect, their loved ones, influencers and legal representatives.

Booking Facility Tours

Built-in employee Appointment Scheduler to Manage all facility tours with prospects and loved ones.

The top senior living CRM & Marketing platforms enable a smooth integration of sales processes and data entry, connecting marketing and sales effortlessly until the resident move-in phase. This comprehensive approach empowers your team to enhance customer interactions continuously, ultimately boosting occupancy outcomes.

Minimise Third-Party Referrals

Using automation to immediately respond to a prospects interaction with your marketing, means you can effectively reduce your dependence on third-party referrals.

Achieve greater efficiency

For small sales teams responsible for multiple sites and facilities, implementing automation for monotonous and repetitive tasks, enables them to accomplish more with fewer resources.

One data Source

Everyone in your team can have access to customer information, marketing performance, and sales progress reports, all consolidated in a single dashboard.

Do more marketing with less

ActiveDEMAND integrates with all the most common Senior Living CRM's, marketing tools, apps and sales platforms.


Ready to set your community marketing on fire?

ActiveDEMAND is the trusted market leader in North America. Over 3,800 senior living communities trust us to manage and deliver their marketing. Lead Intuition are the UK Reseller and Support Partner for ActiveDEMAND and their powerful marketing and sales automation solutions for UK retirement living providers. We can deliver sales, training, support and services to customers in the UK and Europe.  ActiveDEMAND enables marketers to supercharge their marketing efforts through streamlined campaign & asset management, campaign recipes and detailed performance reporting. ActiveDEMAND solutions integrate with many other business, sales and marketing applications to give you easy, seamless processes you need to run your Retirement Living business.

All the Marketing Features Needed for Retirement Living


Call Tracking

With ActiveDEMAND, you can easily add a call & SMS tracking number to any online or offline campaign. You can also have calls automatically recorded, and posted to the CRM.


Live Chat & Chatbot

Real-time customer engagement using chat or chatbots on a website brings several advantages that can significantly enhance your overall customer experience 24/7.


Web Forms & Survey's

ActiveDEMAND includes a powerful online form builder. Generate single or multi-page forms & surveys.  Create after-form automation to handle responses & follow-ups automatically.


Drip Campaigns

Build out drip campaigns to handle repetitive marketing and sales sequences. ActiveDEMAND’s block editor makes it easy to build simple or comprehensive drip campaigns including email, SMS text messages, and more.


Landing Pages

Need to knock up a quick landing page? It’s easy to create them in ActiveDEMAND. Build out that perfect landing page for a new PPC campaign, test out a promotion, or more with our easy-to-use landing page builder.

Marketing Reporting for Senior Living

The ActiveDEMAND platform is built around attribution reporting. In other words, what campaigns, actions, and steps generate sales-ready leads? Deploying a breadth of campaigns across different platforms makes it difficult to measure and report. ActiveDEMAND brings it all together for marketers with digital marketing dashboards and reports so they can easily see what is working and report business results to all stakeholders.

activedemand-dashboards-and reports

Performance Led Data - see exactly what's working!



Build custom dashboards to quickly see what’s working and what’s not. Rollup dashboards are used to compare data from multiple facilities or just a single facility as your needs dictate.  Dashboards can be entirely personal or shared with the team.  You are in control!


Engagement Reporting

Google Analytics tells you someone has taken an action, ActiveDEMAND tells you exactly what each prospect did, and when and automatically incorporates that into a full contact history. Super handy if you need proof of a persona, user journey, or to highlight a big win..


Performance Comparison

ActiveDEMAND’s rollup reports allow you to compare campaign performance across communities. Which communities are booking the most tours? Which communities have the highest social engagement? Review it all from a central dashboard.


Scheduled Reporting

No more copying and pasting from one platform to the other. Schedule an email report to be sent out once a week, once a month and hit your reporting deadline every time.  Historical or forecast, you have the data at your fingertips.

Visualise your Results

In today's performance data driven world do you truly know which part of your sales and marketing process is working and which is wasting budget for you. Our solutions, including our unique funnel builder offer the type of data connectivity that you need to prove your results. Can you join up the whole process from first contact (by name) right through to the end purchase - and the amount of revenue it generated? We can. Just ask us how.

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