Streamlining Retirement Living Sales Leads

A Quick Guide for UK Independent Retirement Communities


Unlock Efficiency in Retirement Living Business Development with Automation

Discover how ActiveDEMAND's Retirement Living Automation Platform empowers over 3,800 businesses. This 5-step plan maximises marketing automation for Independent Retirement Communities. Analyse campaign performance, score leads, nurture prospects, optimise call tracking, and empower your sales team. Achieve data-driven success, convert more leads, and elevate your Retirement Living business with ActiveDEMAND.


Retirement Living business development can often feel like a relentless pursuit, sifting through a flood of leads, attempting to identify those that truly matter. Automation is a powerful solution to streamline this process, identifying the leads that sales need to pursue now as well as those that are in the early stages of information gathering and need to be nurtured going forward.


ActiveDEMAND is the Retirement Living Automation Platform of choice for more than 3,800 Senior Living businesses. As UK resellers of ActiveDEMAND, Lead Intuition can help you tailor the best automation for your Retirement Living business. This 5-point plan will help UK Independent Retirement Communities to leverage the capabilities of marketing automation software to enhance their marketing & sales activities.

Get to the point!

Staying relevant and engaging is crucial to Retirement Living lead nurturing. Utilise the advanced tools of your marketing automation software to dissect campaign performance. Leverage campaign comparison reports and email comparison reports to gauge readership and engagement with your content marketing and promotional efforts. Conversion attribution reports provide insights into the most effective strategies for generating high-quality leads. Once you know the most successful channels then aiming your efforts towards them will lead to more successful outcomes.


By continuously refining and replicating successful campaigns, your marketing department can generate a higher volume of quality leads, fostering a cons tant flow into your sales pipeline. Regular communication between marketers and the sales team ensures that the lead pipeline remains fresh and relevant.

Automated Lead Scoring – Where is your prospect on their journey?

Marketing automation software offers the ability to assign scores to leads based on their interactions with your marketing materials and website.senior-living-marketing-automation-plan 

This innovative feature allows you to track lead engagement and behaviour, enabling you to prioritise leads that display genuine interest and nurture those who are not quite ready to engage in the sales process. 


On average the buyer’s journey into a Retirement Living Community takes 2 years. Along the way there are the important stages of information gathering, family consultation and eventually researching finances. Identifying where your prospect is on this journey can trigger the delivery of different sorts of information through automated campaigns, each designed to nurture them to the next stage. The obvious goal is for the customer to talk to the sales team and delivering the information they need along the way means this process happens in the background with no additional workload for the team.

Enhance Campaign Statistics with Call Tracking

Incorporating Call tracking and phone call rollup reports from your marketing automation software can have a transformative impact on your sales efforts. These tools not only ensure quality assurance on all calls but also enable your sales team to build warm and genuine relationships with potential residents and their families. An exceptional lead experience from the initial contact lays the foundation for successful lead conversion and future occupancy levels. Additionally, call tracking will help you identify the channels that are working where attribution is difficult to quantify like published advertising, billboards, radio and leaflet campaigns. The more you know about how leads arrived in the sales system the easier it is to repeat the marketing process.

Empower Your Sales Team

Empower your sales team by training them to utilise the automation software dashboard effectively. By categorising leads according to their stage in the funnel - whether they are new leads, engaged in conversations, taken a tour, possess an agreement, or have signed - your sales team gains a clear snapshot of the necessary actions to propel each lead closer to making the move into your community. This strategy ensures a personalised and effective approach to lead conversion. Many of the CRM platforms that ActiveDEMAND integrates with can offer this sort of lead ‘first touch’ through to ‘closure’. When there is this type of tight integration between marketing automation and CRM then the possibilities are endless.

Create a Continuous Improvement Loop

Successful lead cultivation is an iterative process. By partnering with your marketing automation software company, your organisation can develop a robust suite of campaigns, sales processes, and marketing analytics. This invaluable toolkit simplifies marketing efforts and fosters standardisation across multiple locations, facilitating growth, scaling, and staff expansion. As your Retirement Living business evolves, your marketing automation system becomes a cornerstone of everyday efficiency and future success. As ActiveDEMAND’s UK sales and support team, Lead Intuition are on hand every step of your journey to provide help and training and consultancy services for your team.



Improve your chances of success with Marketing Automation

Investing time and resources into leads that may not convert or not anytime soon is a challenge that Retirement Living businesses often face. Marketing automation provides a solution by offering deep insights into each lead's engagement level and position in the sales funnel. By analysing lead behaviour, your team can identify warm leads for further nurturing or sales outreach while discerning which leads may have gone cold. This data-driven approach allows for more efficient resource allocation, ensuring that efforts are focused on leads with the highest likelihood of conversion.

In Summary

As a tool for Retirement Living business development, automation emerges as a beacon of efficiency and effectiveness. Retirement Living businesses and  Independent Retirement Communities in the UK can streamline their lead management processes, optimise their marketing efforts, and ultimately enhance lead conversion rates. 

As a pioneer in marketing automation for the Retirement Living industry, ActiveDEMAND stands ready to guide your Retirement Living business on a transformative journey towards success. With a proven track record and over 3,800 senior living communities benefiting from our expertise, discover how ActiveDEMAND can elevate your marketing automation outcomes from good to exceptional. In the UK, Lead Intuition is able to partner with your business, helping you to design your ActiveDEMAND automated processes, getting the best results. Book a demo today - no cost, no obligation, and no sales pitch - just a promise to empower your Retirement Living business for the future.



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