Triggered and Scheduled Email or SMS

Triggered and Scheduled Email or SMS

Scheduled Email Marketing – So Much more than email blast!

More Than Email Marketing… Lead Intuition Gives You Everything You Need

Many email marketing applications only provide the features needed to create and send email campaigns. With Lead Intuition email marketing features, users get all the tools needed to make their email campaign successful including landing page templates & wizards, call tracking numbers, web forms, sales lead notifications, reports and more.

Fast and Simple Setup

Lead Intuition offers many features designed to make setting up email campaigns as fast and easy as possible. Setup wizards, email templates, drag-and-drop editor, image library, dynamic variables, list management, multiple brand support and much more

Email Nurturing – Move prospects down the purchase journey

Build Powerful Campaigns With No Programming Experience

Marketers don’t adapt to Lead Intuition, rather, Lead Intuition adapts to marketers and enables them to create the campaigns they want.  We provide a powerful custom workflow interface that enables marketers to drag, drop and connect decision steps and action steps to create both simple and complex automated campaigns.

You’re in Control

Lead Intuition gives you the control to execute campaign steps based on specific web page visits, email clicks or opens, specific contact meta data, time, a change in specific data and an endless number of custom queries.  For example, automate email send based on activity, direct message a twitter follower, increase a lead score, post to a CRM application, send SMS, make a phone call and lots more.

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