The Revised UK National Data Strategy

The UK now must tread a delicate path between the EU's GDPR and the USA's data policies

This week the UK Government released a further instalment of the UK Revised National Data Strategy.

Lifting just one key takeaway from the report.....

As the UK leaves the EU, we have the opportunity to develop a new UK capability that delivers new and innovative mechanisms for international data transfers.

We will seek EU ‘data adequacy’ to maintain free flow of personal data from the EEA and we will pursue UK ‘data adequacy’ with global partners to promote the free flow of data to and from the UK and ensure it will be properly protected.

Presumably data transfers to North America (USA in particular) would be considered a priority given the difficult state we are currently in. The EU no longer recognises the Privacy Shield as adequate for data transfer and US law gives US authorities the right to collect personal data about EU data subjects without adequate (GDPR) safeguards.  However, in the UK's brave new data world, we will need to transfer data to both EEA and North America if we are to be a data superpower.  That alone will be an immense task to pull off (Or will require very innovative mechanisms to quote the report) given the acts of law on both sides of the Atlantic presently separating the EEA and the USA.


It will be interesting to see how the UK can walk this tightrope

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