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Lead Intuition are UK Resellers and support partners of the ActiveDEMAND Marketing Automation platform.  We also recently became a noCRM.io user and liked it so much, we decided to become a noCRM.io Premium Partner too. Lead Intuition delivers integrated marketing and sales automation for digital professionals and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). As an agency, being able to provide complete, actionable prospect data attribution is not only key to maintaining customers and retainer contracts. For SMEs it is vital for the sales team to fully understand and ultimately close a final sale.

The Challenge.

For agencies and their clients, not only is it important that sales and marketing information is collected and available, it needs to be presented in a way that is easily accessible and in a usable format for the respective sales and marketing teams.

The marketing team’s most important job is to provide the sales team with sales qualified leads, so they need to know which activities are generating the most promising prospects. The sales team needs to focus on the data that is most important to qualifying and driving a final sale without distraction, yet have easy access to all the relevant marketing engagement data that led the prospect to the sales-ready threshold.

The Solution Requirements.

Lead Intuition had tried various systems and concluded what they really needed was to find a solution of different platforms that were individually focused on the marketing and sales processes yet offered seamless and flexible integration between the two systems.

  • The marketing platform needed to have a full featured automation suite to engage
    prospects and provide multi-channel attribution, building a complete buyer’s
    journey for the sales team.
  • The sales CRM or lead management software had to provide the sales team with
    all the information needed to progress a deal to a final sale, but also easily
    provide them with important marketing data needed to frame the conversation
    without ‘cluttering up’ their sales database data.

The ultimate solution for Lead Intuition was the combination of ActiveDEMAND and noCRM.io.

Why ActiveDEMAND and noCRM.io was the Solution.


The main factor was the tight integration between the ActiveDEMAND marketing automation and noCRM.io lead management platforms. It provided the features and flexibility to tick all the boxes required for the solution. All the relevant sales data is presented in the lead management tool to be acted on and the ActiveDEMAND integration provides a prospects full marketing interaction for reference at a single click without cluttering up the sales timeline in noCRM.io

Mark Godfrey, Director of Technical Operations for Lead Intuition expanded on the key requirements for the sales side of the solution, saying:

“It’s sales first. noCRM.io considers the sales process first and primarily, and that for us was most important. The data that sales teams need is there and easy to access. noCRM.io as a platform is inspiring for the sales team to use, to look at and uplifting to work with every day. Actions boil down to a ‘reminder’ or ‘next action’ so sales teams can easily determine and prioritise what to do next. The interface itself is an enjoyable experience for salespeople to spend their time with. It is obviously designed with users in mind and has many great features that save time for the sales team.”

When asked how these aspects provided value for the sales team, Mark replied that
“Using noCRM.io is like a ‘personal assistant’ for the sales team rather than an administrative burden. All the relevant sales data the team needs is right there; name, email address, phone number, including the sales email traffic between the two parties. noCRM.io has a very nice qualification script that you can complete so that you can go through a formal and repeatable qualification with sales prospects. I’ve not seen that in other sales management products.”


For Lead Intuition the right platform not only had to work for the sales team, but also communicate with the marketing platform. Mark said:


“The tight integration with ActiveDEMAND is unparalleled.  The ActiveDEMAND integration is set up so that with one click, within the noCRM.io contact screen, the sales team has access to all email opens, clicks, form submits and other marketing engagement at their fingertips. ActiveDEMAND provides us the ability to truly align sales and marketing using technology to fill the gaps.”


The ActiveDEMAND platform has full call tracking, email marketing, landing pages, anonymous visitor tracking, dynamic content, full data attribution and reporting. In short, everything marketers need to execute marketing campaigns, track results and provide the right data to the sales team.

The main factor was the tight integration between the ActiveDEMAND marketing automation and noCRM.io lead management platforms. It provided the features and flexibility to tick all the boxes required for the solution as illustrated in the video below.

The Results.

When asked what results were realised, both in terms of implementation satisfaction and directly measurable KPIs, Lead Intuition found;

  • Compared to the ActiveDEMAND and noCRM.io implementation, previous setups were harder to use and often resulted in dropped or a pronounced time-lag in sales and marketing data getting into the sales database. The combination of integrating the ActiveDEMAND and noCRM.io platforms
    drastically improved the timeliness and validity of key sales data getting into the sales platform.
  • The sales team applauded the new sales and marketing alignment, so that it was viewed as a truly helpful process for them that aided in meeting personal needs rather than an ‘administrative burden’.
  • Lead Intuition demonstrated a 60% increase in activity records created by the Sales Team.
  • In the three months after implementing the combined ActiveDEMAND / noCRM.io solution, Lead Intuition noted a 25% lift in Sales.

Even though the measurable results are impressive in their own right, it is worthwhile to note that these gains were in spite of happening during the COVID-19 pandemic as the world at large was experiencing impacts such as wide-spread economic shutdowns. The measurement period covered the time from just before implementation of this solution up to and including the publication of this case study as major markets are continuing to experience the significant economic effects of initial and ‘second-wave’ impacts of the pandemic.

About Lead Intuition.

Lead Intuition works with UK digital agencies and businesses of all sizes to plan and integrate Marketing and Sales enablement systems. These are centred around ActiveDEMAND; the one stop marketing automation platform and noCRM.io; the unique lead management system. We partner with clients in the planning and implementation phases, and continue in the operational phases for ongoing support, training and updates to maintain systems that deliver results.

About ActiveDEMAND.

ActiveDEMAND is an integrated marketing platform built for businesses to help them easily create, execute, and track marketing engagement of their campaigns. Providing powerful features such as webinar integration, advanced appointment scheduling, and personalisation tools, it is built and priced for businesses to effectively market and grow their business.

About noCRM.io.

noCRM.io is a SaaS lead management solution with a focus on the next action. It provides an action-based lead management software that eliminates the distractions of standard CRMs and gives the power back to salespeople. noCRM.io places leads at the heart of the system and allows sales teams to operate in the way that best suits them to close more deals.


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ActiveDEMAND and noCRM.io platforms are sold and supported in the UK by Lead Intuition. To find out how we can help you align you marketing and sales, simply book an appointment here for an online demonstration.


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