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Behavioural Segmentation

By Mark Godfrey, Lead Intuition Ltd | Published 27/08/2020

Marketing to prospects based on their behaviours is an excellent way to accelerate a buyers journey. See are they checking out pricing, specs, case studies.......i

The Basics of Segmentation

By Mark Godfrey, Lead Intuition Ltd | Published 04/08/2020

Not all customers or prospects are the same. Big company, SME's......they all have different needs or purchase motives. In this article we will look at some basic segmentation set-ups

Agency Client Retention

By Jean O Donovan, Lead Intuition Ltd | Published 17/09/2020

Up-to-the-minute metrics, including attribution, are nirvana to digital marketers. But many of us had not truly thought how it would be possible to access data when our teams started to

Marketing Automation for Automotive

By Mark Godfrey, Lead Intuition Ltd | Published 16/07/2020

With the doors on the showrooms open again (even if by appointment only) the motor industry is bouncing back into life with many dealers expressing business levels higher than anticipated.

Pop up's - Love or hate?

By Mark Godfrey, Lead Intuition Ltd | Published 08/07/2020

Popups are one of those things that none of us particularly like, however we are all experiencing them every time we jump on the internet and look at a page

Contact Attribution

By Mark Godfrey, Lead Intuition Ltd | Published 18/06/2020

In very basic terms, do you know where all your sales leads come from? Attribution Tracking or Lead to Revenue tracking is simply your ability to confidently attribute the income

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