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Integrating ActiveDEMAND with


Combining the power of marketing automation with a sales lead management system

A few months ago, we changed our CRM system from Pipedrive to  The results have been transformational for our sales team and our business.

We have seen some 60% increase in documented sales activity and at least 25% increase in sales (and counting)!

Everyone across the team is happy and on it!  Sales leads are followed to conclusion.  Each step is underpinned with the activity due with reminders for Zoom, email, chat or telephone followup + sales enablement tools in ActiveDEMAND are available to move prospects along.

Even the boss is happy as she can see all marketing and sales signals in Slack without app switching.

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New Product Announcement - noCRM Premium Partner


We are extremely happy to announce we have become a authorised noCRM Premium Partner



Tired of entering data into your CRM that does not advance the sales process? We were too, until we found noCRM. In fact, we liked it so much we have become an authorised  Premium Partner and offer it to our customer as part of our marketing & sales alignment solutions.

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Contact Attribution for Agency Client Retention

using filters to achieve behavioural segmentation


Up-to-the-minute metrics, including attribution, are nirvana to digital marketers for client reporting and retention. But many had not truly thought how it would be possible to access data when our teams started to work from home, instead of the office!

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Behavioural Segmentation

using filters to achieve behavioural segmentation


Customer segmentation is a foundational aspect of good marketing.  By adding behavioural segmentation to your marketing toolkit, you take segmentation to a new level, enabling you to target your audiences more specifically and with greater precision. And therefore make more conversions

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Conversational Marketing



So, you may have seen the current buzz around ‘Conversational Marketing’ and wondered if it has any relevance for your business. How can it be deployed for your business? Or indeed if it should be? The quick answer is undoubtedly, yes it should...... 

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Basic Database Segmentation



Segmentation of your customer database is essential for success in today's digital marketing environment.  It allows you to target specific customer groups with their interests and at the same time minimise Unsubscribe rates.  Here we will be looking at segmentation basics to get you started 

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Marketing Automation for the Automotive Dealer



With the doors on the showrooms open again (even if by appointment only) the motor industry is bouncing back into life with many dealers expressing business levels higher than anticipated.  Here we will look at just a few of the ways marketing automation can be used by an automotive dealership to engage with customers and generate more leads for sales to close.  




Pop up's - Love or hate them, they convert!



Popups are one of those things that none of us particularly like, however we are all experiencing them every time we jump on the internet and look at a page.  Maybe it’s a full page cookie acceptance that gets us hot under the collar or the ones that throw the latest offers in your face full screen when you open a page…...Truth is, it does not have to be like that!




Attribution - Where do your customers come from?

Blog-where do-your-customers-come-from


Do you know where all your sales leads come from? Attribution Tracking or Lead to Revenue tracking is simply your ability to confidently attribute the income generated to specific marketing efforts. I.e. Website, PPC, Social media, Banner ads, Out of Home, Referrals, Telephone, face-to-face (or virtual) networking or some other channel.  For B2B companies and marketing agencies alike, this is a critical measure; to know what is driving your sales in hard data terms and not just gut feelings.




Email Marketing - Targeting Prospects With Automated Follow-up



So, you have prospects who have shown an interest in your products or services and now you want to move them along to become paying customers.  You can do this in an automated way by sending them targeted emails based on their interests, subtly moving them along the buying journey.




Email Marketing Mistakes You Really Should Avoid


Every day, billions of emails are sent.  Competition for your inbox is high and there are plenty of ways for even experienced marketers to trip up on common email marketing mistakes.  We are going to show you 7 of them and how to avoid them for better click-through and engagement rates




Client Retention Through Agency Attribution


Now, more than ever before, it’s important to show clients the revenue that your campaigns have leveraged for them, not just Ad clicks and conversions but sales attribution too. Being able to see the real-time results of your campaign provides you with the reassurance that the goals you agreed with your client are being met - True Evidence Based Marketing!




Slack Integration & Collaboration into Our Business

lead intuition slack integration story

Once in lockdown and “the new way of working ”, our email, phone and zoom traffic became immense.  Tempers became shorter, frustration levels rose as the realities of everything being remote with no over the table meetings sunk in. The sheer volume of work hanging in the ether and sometimes being missed hit home.  Something had to change and quick!




Marketing Automation for the Digital Agency

ebook download

In recent months Digital Agencies have had to completely rethink their way of working in response to the current situation. One of the problems faced is the added difficulties that remote working brings to producing effective cross channel campaigns. 

Account Manager’s not having access to up to the minute metrics from all channels can mean that producing campaign strategy and tactics is made more difficult. Additionally, being able to produce accurate attribution reports is time-consuming, and clients want to see more return on budgets than ever before. Finding an efficient cloud-based solution for effective remote team collaboration and campaign management is now the holy grail of most agencies. 

A fully integrated platform is needed connecting PPC, Social Media, Email marketing, Re-targeting, Google Analytics, web tracking, call tracking as well as team collaborative tools like Slack and Zoom.  ActiveDEMAND, sold and supported in the UK by Lead Intuition offers all these things plus multi-configurable, metric rich dashboards and reports – all white labelled to your agency’s brand. And all for a very affordable price.

Download our White Paper ‘How to adopt Marketing Automation as an Agency’ and find out how you can build your brand, grow acquisition and provide new services to your clients and effectively work as a remote team

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Email Marketing Statistics You Need to Know

email marketing statistics

If you have ever looked at the results for an email or Newsletter marketing campaign, then a good email or marketing automation platform will give you plenty of data to review.  But whats important?  What key statistics do you need to worry about?
We are going to look at the key metrics for email marketing and prioritise what you should concentrate on, what are good results and how to improve in some areas



New Integrations

Lead Intuition and ActiveDEMAND have joined the Slack party.  You can now join your ActiveDEMAND and Slack accounts together and keep your sales & marketing teams up to date with notifications of deals, events or whatever you wish using our slack work flow editor




New Integrations


You probably noticed we are using a new chat vendor.  That little orange box in your bottom right corner!

ActiveDEMAND and Crisp went all in on this integration. We have a native integration with Crisp Live chat!

With this integration you get the conversations logged right on your prospect's timeline in our marketing automation platform. You also get enhanced contact profiles in Crisp so you know who your are chatting with.

And the best part, all you need to do is add Crisp to your website.  The ActiveDEMAND magic does the rest



How quickly Zoom has become part of our daily lives. 

You can now schedule your team and client calls directly from our Marketing Automation platform or your linked Google or Office 365 calendar.  Appointment emails and reminders are sent to you and your contact.  You can see if your emails are being opened and their surfing history before starting the meeting.  Know how serious they are about your product or service.

Never miss a Zoom call, just remember to brush your hair before you start the call!

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The ICO Issues a new draft Direct Marketing Code of Practice

The ICO’s much-anticipated draft Direct Marketing Code of Practice just came across our desks. This will replace the Regulator’s Direct Marketing Guidance and will have statutory status once final and published. Adhering to the code will be seen as the measure of your compliance with UK data protection laws. There are many Good Practice Recommendations in the document that should not be ignored unless you have a viable alternative method.

Just now it is still a draft and open for consultation until 4th March 2020

Set out here are a few things that caught our eye from a quick scan. We suspect there will be a lot more hiding in the detail of the 120 pages.

It addresses many of the holes in existing law as well as more advanced marketing techniques such as online behavioural advertising, social media targeting, mobile apps and location-based marketing as well as ICO’s other guidance on lawful bases, profiling, cookies, Data Protection Impact Assessments(DPIAs) and so on.

Indirect Personal data collection & right to be informed

Confirmed in the draft is the requirement of an individual to be informed when you haven’t collected personal data directly from that individual (IE you obtained this from publicly available sources or a bought-in list). It says: You are unlikely to be able to rely on disproportionate effort in situations where you are collecting personal data from various sources to build an extensive profile of an individual’s interests and characteristics for direct marketing purposes

This will present a challenge for some list sellers and lead generators. It goes on to say that if you do not actively tell people about your “invisible processing” you must carry out a DPIA before you start.

Online Advertising

The new draft code says “where cookies and other technologies are used Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations (PECR) applies”. It also highlights that where you are personalising adverts (based on for example an individual’s browsing history) this will be direct marketing. It states: In the vast majority of cases, online advertising involves the use of cookies and similar technologies and therefore PECR applies. Additionally, if you engage in behavioural advertising – for example by personalising adverts on the basis of say an individual’s browsing history, purchase history or login information – this will constitute direct marketing. This is because the decision to target that particular user with a specific advert is based on what you know.

Data Enrichment

This is a big red flag item. The ICO says as it’s unlikely people will anticipate you are doing this or understand what it is. It says: You are not able to enrich the personal data you hold if you and the third-party (where applicable) did not tell individuals about it.

Furthermore, it says purchasing additional contact details for your existing customers is ‘likely’ to be unfair, unless they’ve expressly agreed.

Refer a Friend Campaigns (Viral Marketing)

As you have no direct contact with the people you are instigating an individual to send direct marketing to, it is impossible for you to collect valid consent – Therefore a breach of PECR

Social Media Targeting – List-based Audience

When using “list-based” tools (e.g. Facebook custom audiences or LinkedIn contact targeting), where you upload personal data you already have to the platform (a list of email addresses) you must be transparent and clearly inform people about this processing. If the individual has objected to you using their personal data for direct marketing purposes, you cannot use their data to target them on social media, including by using list-based tools

Many organisations may currently rely on Legitimate Interests, especially when using hashed lists. It’s not clear why the ICO believes audience tools would not meet the three-part test.

Social Media Targeting – Lookalikes

The ICO recognises activities to find customers that are similar to yours. The code says that while the social media platform undertakes the processing activities, organisations using these are initiating the activity.

The ICO’s conclusion; The organisation and the platform are joint controllers. Organisations should be satisfied the platform has taken all necessary steps to provide appropriate transparency information to people.

With more than 120 pages to the Code, there’s a lot to take in. It remains to be seen what if any changes emerge following the consultation.

Digital Agencies 2020 New Year Resolutions

So, if you’re a digital marketing agency what’s your New Year’s resolution? Most of the digital agencies we’ve spoken to tell us that they have two main ones.  The first is to find a way to minimise the amount of time they spend at the end of each month producing client reports. Apparently, this can be as much as five hours per client – and that’s every month! The second one they all tell us about is finding a way of attributing all the sales leads and the revenue generated by all campaigns. They know how many clicks; they just don’t always know how many clicks converted to sales or how much revenue was generated by that sale. Happily, Lead Intuition is able to provide an easy solution to both problems. Lead Intuition’s reporting is automated, multi-configurable and you don’t need a degree in rocket science to use it. As for the ROI attribution issue, Lead Intuition easily integrates with most of the major CRM systems your client may be using. Attribution is a doddle – and our Digital Campaign Management System plans and implements across multiple channels including PPC, Social Media, Email Marketing, Retargeting, SMS and Call Tracking/Recording. It pushes to CRM, pulls from CRM and builds Artificial Intelligence on the purchaser’s behaviour. In fact, you need never lose a click or a prospect ever again. Incidentally, the third New Year’s resolution seems to be finding time to take more exercise. Well if you’re using Lead Intuition, the time you save on your first two Goals will give you ample time for the third. Take a look at our website then give us a call for a demo. Could be the best thing you’ll do in 2020.

Data Breach – Big or Small

No doubt we have all seen the reports of huge data breaches from the likes of British Airways in the headlines recently and the eye-watering fines that have been levied against them. However there is a much more common data breach and it usually begins with an email containing something like “I don’t think this message was intended for me”. Yes that’s right you just sent or copied an email to the wrong person!

We have all done it, but depending what you transmitted and the industry you are working in this could be either comical or potentially disastrous . if you are working in the legal, medical or financial sectors it’s possible you just transmitted sensitive information to the wrong person which could have major implications for the individuals concerned and your wider business. Even an email that did not have sensitive attachments but did contain phone numbers, email addresses and names of other people is, in fact, a data breach and, believe it or not, is actually the most common data breach reported to the regulatory authorities.

So what should you do next ?

From discovery of your error, you now have a 72 hour Clock ticking.

Mistakes happen but you need to be seen to act responsibly. Confess immediately to your boss and teams around you. Your IT Team should have a process in place for such an event.

You should start with a well-considered apology to the parties concerned ASAP. If it was only names and email addresses transmitted, this may be enough together with written confirmation of deletion. However, humble pie will be your diet for a while, get used to it!

If its highly sensitive data you transmitted in error, you need to get legal advice as quickly as possible. That 72-hour timer takes no account for holidays and weekends.

What can be done to prevent or minimise this occurring in future –

· Disabling the autofill feature in outlook would be a good place to start.

· Have a manual checking process in place on sensitive communications.

· Ensure you and all others receive appropriate data awareness training.

· If you regularly send sensitive information by email, you need to look for an email security solution.

Do Not

· Try to hide it.

· Rely on basic technology, it makes us complacent.

· Overly Stress. Your corrective and preventative measures count for a lot in these matters when they are escalated.

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