Support for Instagram Has Arrived

Support for Instagram - ActiveDEMAND

The wait is over and many of our customers will be pleased to know......We now support Instagram in our Social Media integrations.

Include Instagram in your multichannel marketing

ActiveDEMAND excels at launching, managing, and tracking omnichannel (sometimes called multi-channel) campaigns. For marketing agencies or in-house marketing teams wanting consistent messaging and perfect timing across multiple platforms, it’s way easier to manage it inside of ActiveDEMAND.

Now Instagram posts can be scheduled inside an ActiveDEMAND campaign along with Facebook posts, Twitter tweets, LinkedIn posts, WordPress posts, and more. You can also track conversions back to the campaign so reporting is a breeze.


Schedule Instagram posts

If you like to queue up a bunch of social media posts and then drip them out over time, ActiveDEMAND has got your back. You can schedule out future posts quickly and easily.

Note: many of our clients perform social posts in 2 types of campaigns:

  1. Time-bound campaigns (new product promotion, seasonal promotion, etc) – These have a start and end date defined by the campaign.
  2. Continuous social media campaigns that run for as long as they want (though some prefer to set them by quarter or fiscal year so it’s easier to compare and check time-bound performance)

Clear Goals for the Gram

The visual nature of Instagram demands great photography. A lot of marketers get trapped making compelling visuals to post to their Instagram feed without any clear goals. Make sure your Instagram strategy has clear goals in mind: whether that be lead gen, brand awareness, or help in hiring because many new prospective employees will check out your socials to see what it’s like to work for you.

In any case, make sure you’ve got a measurable goal so that you know when Instagram is delivering for you.

Are You Looking to Grow Your Retained Business?

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